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Unisys Announces Availability of VMware GSX Server on ES7000 Servers

Unisys Announces Availability of VMware GSX Server on ES7000 Servers

New virtual partitioning capability helps customers consolidate servers, reduce costs

BLUE BELL, PA, February 3, 2003 - Unisys today announced the availability of VMware GSX Server for the Unisys Enterprise Server ES7000 product line. The virtual partitioning capability provided by VMware adds to an array of technologies and services Unisys provides to help customers consolidate workloads onto a single, scalable ES7000 platform.

Under the agreement, Unisys will provide support for VMware GSX Server and support for Microsoft Windows operating systems running in VMware virtual machines.

Virtual partitioning enables enterprises to create multiple servers within large, scalable ES7000s, supporting multiple applications and operating systems within a single system. The technology introduces an additional level of granularity to the partitioning capability built into the ES7000 hardware design. As a result, the ES7000 can be logically partitioned into isolated server environments - dozens of virtual machines executing workloads simultaneously. VMware GSX Server's virtualization capabilities add to the consolidation strengths of the ES7000 server, enabling customers to run a broad array of enterprise application in a single, centrally managed system.

"VMware GSX Server adds one more piece to our strong consolidation offerings," said Wayne Carpenter, director, Unisys Server Consolidation Program. "VMware GSX Server provides our experienced infrastructure architects with additional consolidation options that complement our extensive services offering, comprehensive system management and versatile technology."

Unisys addresses clients' business needs with a project-based approach to consolidation, and provides a stable and consistent application infrastructure with dramatically increased server efficiency. With the ability to support 32 Intel processors, the Unisys ES7000 provides the mainframe-class capacity and performance needed to handle the largest and most complex workloads. It combines these capabilities with the superior economics and manageability of Microsoft- and industry-standard technology.

"The timing couldn't be better for extending our relationship with Unisys to include sales and support of VMware GSX Server," said Pete Sonsini, senior director, VMware Strategic Alliances. "Our efforts are coming just as enterprise server customers are seeking out more powerful and cost-effective ways to do more with less. Virtualized computing with logical partitioning is proving to be the right solution at the right time."

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