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VMware Opens Second U.K. Data Center for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe


VMware Opens Second U.K. Data Center for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe

65 per cent of customers see hybrid as way to meet business demands faster

London, United Kingdon, 22 July, 2014 — VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced the expansion of its VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ in the U.K. with the addition of a new data center in Chessington. The data center opening in Chessington complements VMware's existing data centers in the U.S., Japan, and Slough in the U.K.

Since the launch of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe in February, VMware has also announced disaster recovery (DR) and data protection services on vCloud Hybrid Service, making DR and security services easier, more cost effective and accessible for organisations. Additionally, in May, VMware announced Pivotal CF would be supported by vCloud Hybrid Service.

Since VMware launched VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in the U.K., more than 800 individuals at partner organisations have been accredited in EMEA.

According to a poll among VMware’s U.K. customers earlier this year, 65 per cent believed the hybrid cloud could help meet business demands more quickly. Eighty one per cent said they needed a solution that makes their public cloud as easy to manage as their own infrastructure; while 85 per cent said their public cloud is not integrated or only partly integrated with their data center.

“Our customers have started off using our hybrid service on specific projects for the easy, affordable and seamless movement of workloads between private and public cloud, knowing they can move their legacy and new applications back and forth with ease,” said Gavin Jackson, general manager & vice president, Cloud Services, EMEA, VMware. “Now they have seen what VMware vCloud Hybrid Service can enable, they’re turning to it to power their strategic transformation programmes. It’s driving real change in the business and enabling organisations to consume services in a totally new way – all based on a trusted and secure VMware infrastructure in which they have confidence. We look forward to helping the business success of our customers with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.”

According to Kevin Turnbull, Head of IT, Bluefin Solutions: “With VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, we can now seamlessly move data and applications freely across private and public cloud environments, without having to learn a new set of tools. We can also create a full hybrid cloud model based on a technology we know and trust, in support of crucial enterprise workloads.

“We can see the value of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service for years to come. Currently, all our core systems are on-premises, but once the supporting hardware comes to its end of life, we are looking to move everything – including business-critical applications – to a completely hybrid cloud environment with VMware.”

The VMware Partner Network has been instrumental in the success to date of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, which can be sold to customers in the same way as all VMware products and solutions.

Nick Henry, Head of Transformation & Cloud Services, Computacenter (U.K.) Ltd, said: “With VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware has created a game-changing service. Enabling IT agility combined with cost efficiency is the key differentiator for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. The service provides seamless integration from a customers’ data center out to the public cloud so IT services can be easily and consistently consumed from both resource pools. We’re looking forward to helping our customers continue to use it to transform their IT infrastructures.”

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