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VMware Delivers vCloud(R) Hybrid Service(TM)


Mark Baker, Server and Cloud Product Manager, Canonical

"It has been great to work with VMware, the leader in Enterprise Cloud and virtualisation technologies, to provide a popular cloud guest OS, Ubuntu Server for customers to download to VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™. Ubuntu users are also able to bring their own images from on premise systems or other cloud environments to VMware vCloud Hybrid Service without any need for new subscriptions or agreements giving the portability and flexibility cloud users need."

John Klemm, Vice President, Business Development, QualiSystems

"With QualiSystems, VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ customers can reduce migration complexity and time involved in testing cloud infrastructure. TestShell’s object oriented approach creates a more efficient, accessible testing process via automated replication and high availability of resources without code changes to enable readiness before live deployment."

Lawrence Guillory, CEO, Racemi

"Racemi is very excited to offer a heterogeneous cloud migration product supporting VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™. Our cloud migration products are used in Global 2000 datacenters around the world to dramatically reduce the amount of time and cost of moving workloads between dissimilar physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Partners and enterprise customers alike can benefit from Racemi’s migration automation as they plan and execute hybrid cloud projects."

Mark Shirman, President and CEO, RiverMeadow Software

"VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ enables businesses to scale their IT infrastructure without changing the way they currently operate. This matches the philosophy we've architected with RiverMeadow CloudMigration SaaS around migrating server workloads into the cloud as-is. We couldn't be more excited about this collaboration, and to demonstrate our continued support."

Nand Mulchandani, CEO & Co-Founder, ScaleXtreme

"VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ has delivered on all our expectations - it has given us the ability to easily build a hybrid cloud that transparently allows us to move workloads between on-premise and the cloud service. A key factor is that the service is fully VMware vCloud® API compliant allowing us to integrate with and use the service with all our existing tools and software."

Michael Miller, Vice President, Global Alliances and Marketing, SUSE

"We're very pleased customers will be able to use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ can create an optimized and consistent platform for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments."


Stephen Braat, Senior Director & GM, Cloud and Managed Solutions, CDW

"CDW’s 250,000+ customers see cloud as a tool for efficiency, growth, and innovation. Solutions like VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ are powerful because they help eliminate major barriers to rapid change. IT stops being the roadblock to business opportunity and starts to be the driver of it."

Mark Melvin, CTO, ePlus Technology Inc.

"VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ provides ePlus a cloud environment that we can recommend to our customers whom have already adopted the VMware vCloud Suite, and are looking for an environment that allows them to seamlessly operate with a common set of tools and processes between their private and public/hybrid cloud environments."

Sean Stecker, Director, Cloud Solutions, Insight

"Insight is excited and honored to offer VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™. VMware’s ability to execute on the vision of seamless portability between private and public cloud while providing the security and availability needs of our clients is just one of many reasons VMware is one of Insight’s Foundation Partners. We see this solution as one of the most beneficial methods a client can use to drive adoption on their journey to the cloud."

Ricky Santos, Vice President, Cloud and Technology Services, Presidio

"Presidio Managed Cloud provides our clients a practical approach to cloud computing by leveraging VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ to extend our client’s private clouds for burst or planned capacity demands. The Presidio Cloud Services Framework provides a secure, efficient model to meet on demand business requirements without the risks associated with a purely public cloud offering. This allows our clients to fully leverage their existing single tenant environments to source capacity through a Standard Services bus to VMware vCloud Hybrid Service and ensure no sensitive data is compromised. This represents a true hybrid cloud solution that our clients are looking for."

Celeste Lee, Vice President, Strategic Global Accounts, SHI

"We are very excited as we believe this will continue to forge a strong relationship between SHI and VMware. We believe that this aligns very well our own plans, and our customers, to do more with less resources. The biggest challenge to our customers in rolling out these new environments and applications is that they are unable to implement because of reduced resources. This will enable them to implement, quickly, their plans for moving their applications to the cloud."