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Industry Support for the Cloud Operations Forum

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VMware Defines New Operating Model for the Cloud Era


"We are proud to be part of the Cloud Ops Forum. As a one-stop shop addressing all cloud needs of large enterprises, Canopy understands the challenges of the new cloud operating models.  We help our clients navigate the changes in processes, people, governance and technical innovation required to reap cloud benefits. We look forward to sharing lessons learnt in this Forum sponsored by VMware in order to create more value for our clients."

–Jacques Pommeraud, CEO, Canopy


"The Cloud Ops Forum is an important development for Capgemini, our clients and the market to help accelerate operational governance best practices. These practices underpin Capgemini’s effective use of the tooling and ensure the robust and scalable cloud computing infrastructures demanded by the global organizations we serve. Capgemini’s cloud operations are focused on effective delivery of hybrid cloud services, the transition to these ‘on-demand’ systems and empowering businesses and consumers in the new era of the cloud-enabled enterprise. We are excited by the VMware Cloud Ops announcement and look forward to collaborating with other members of the Forum."

–Raf Howery, global head of service aggregation, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini


"For global enterprise and government clients, cloud not only delivers operational efficiencies, it accelerates the delivery of faster, more flexible business capability. By leveraging the proven cloud experience, best practices and innovative ideas of CGI and other industry partners, the Cloud Ops Forum will help clients maximize the benefits of cloud."

–Brian Cann, vice president, CGI


"We know that realizing value from cloud requires more than a technology investment. Cloud adoption is linked to organizational change as well as changes in how IT operates in the new cloud model. Our emphasis has been on minimizing the disruption for IT so we're happy to stand with VMware in its mission to help more organizations live the promise of greater agility, efficiency and reliability from the cloud."

–Siki Giunta, vice president, Cloud Computing and Hosting Services, CSC


"Enterprises increasingly see cloud computing as an opportunity to enhance their services delivery capabilities. We are excited to work with VMware to help our respective clients build flexible IT solutions through new cloud operating models."

–Chris Weitz, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP


"Through cloud services, technologies, consulting and support Dell provides for customers, Dell has deep insight into the operational challenges that customers and cloud solution providers encounter. We’re eager to drive the entire industry forward, and committed to collaborating with leading players in the market to make that happen."

–Nnamdi Orakwue, vice president, Infrastructure Cloud Services, Dell


"EMC is committed to helping customers transform IT to drive business agility from the cloud. We are excited to share our experience and insights with other thought leaders in the Cloud Ops Forum and to collaborate on new operational models for cloud that accelerates this transformation."

–Dave Cox, vice president, EMC Consulting


"Organizations need to leverage their current infrastructure investments, while immediately taking advantage of the benefits delivered by the cloud. HP looks forward to collaborating with other IT leaders in the Cloud Ops Forum to help companies attain the agility and flexibility cloud computing provides."

–Rob Taylor, vice president, Outsourcing, HP Enterprise Services


"The evolution of an enterprise IT organization in a complex hybrid cloud environment is a reality today. With such a fragmented cloud environment, the complexities that an enterprise needs to deal with are many. We are appreciative of VMware’s efforts to bring together industry leadership to offer clients powerful insights and best practices in setting up and managing their cloud ecosystem."

–Vishnu Bhat, vice president and global head, Cloud, Infosys


"For enterprise CIOs, cloud is no longer just about efficiency but about effectiveness. Cloud can drive topline growth, not just cost savings. Yet realizing the full potential of Cloud requires people and processes to adapt to the rapid advances in technology. Now is the time to embark on that transformation in IT operational models. The Cloud Ops Forum helps CIOs on that journey. We are honored to be a founding member since the Cloud Ops Forum contributes to the large-scale transformation to cloud, which we are driving for our customers. It also builds on the success of our vCloud® Datacenter Services while maintaining the high standards of security and compliance expected of a German provider."

–Juergen Urbanski, chief technologist, T-Systems and member of Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud Leadership Team