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Breaking: VMware Announces Intent to Acquire Bitnami to Build on Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes Approach

VMware Staff
Bitnami is a leading provider of application packaging solutions that will help VMware accelerate our multi-cloud and Kubernetes offerings and efforts.

In the last 12 months, we have taken major strides in enhancing our cloud strategy. We’ve focused on providing our customers with consistent infrastructure from the data center to the cloud and across clouds to make sure that applications receive optimal resources. The recent acquisitions of Heptio and CloudHealth Technologies helped us better position ourselves to guide our customers as they transition to a multi-cloud era.

Now integrated into our Cloud Native Apps business unit, Heptio’s open source and Kubernetes expertise and technologies are helping advance our efforts to make Kubernetes the standard for customers building and running their applications across clouds. CloudHealth by VMware is helping enterprises globally reduce operational complexity as they scale their cloud environments.

Today, I’m excited to announce VMware’s intent to acquire Bitnami, a leading provider of application packaging solutions. You can read up on Bitnami in our announcement blog post.

I’m thrilled about the potential impact Bitnami will have on helping us accelerate our multi-cloud and Kubernetes offerings and efforts after close. Bitnami’s packaged application catalog enables developers to quickly and easily deploy open and closed source software to the world’s leading cloud providers as well as on their own servers. Additionally, Bitnami’s expertise in packaging ISV software for Kubernetes will augment the efforts of our Cloud Native Apps team after close. Last but not least, Bitnami’s application packaging capabilities will help our customers to simplify the consumption of applications in hybrid cloud environments from on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS to VMware Cloud Provider Program partner clouds once the deal closes.

Bitnami will be an ideal fit to accelerate our multi-cloud and Kubernetes efforts. I’m looking forward to Bitnami joining the team.