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VMware Tanzu Simplifies Accelerated App Delivery

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Last fall, Broadcom successfully completed its acquisition of VMware, a move that brings together the combined strength of two engineering-first, innovation-centric businesses that share a focus on customer success. From the start, Broadcom has committed to investing in VMware Tanzu as a critical component of its overall business strategy.

Today, we are operating as the Tanzu Division of Broadcom and our business is more committed than ever to innovating VMware Tanzu solutions and services. Our Tanzu portfolio continues to deliver tremendous value to our customers by helping organizations accelerate app delivery on private and public clouds. I detailed this commitment and our vision for Tanzu during a recent event with James Watters, Sr. Director, R&D, Tanzu Division, and Michael Coté, Tanzu Developer Advocate.

Faster app delivery drives business agility

Today, all businesses are software businesses, but the journey towards software agility is not easy. According to McKinsey, the difference between leaders and laggards is dramatic, with leading companies releasing apps 4,000 to 18,000 times a year, while traditional companies release just one to four times a year. In their search for agility, we’ve seen customers increasingly invest in more modern and cloud native technologies, such as Kubernetes, the open source ecosystem, AI/ML solutions, and more.

However, the need for faster release cycles has only created more complexity, forcing business leaders to navigate dozens of different technologies. The proliferation of new tools and technologies created a vast ecosystem of point solutions for platform teams to navigate and support while also managing compliance, costs, and reliability concerns. Unfortunately, this takes time and resources away from delivering business value. Enterprises are discovering that they’ve invested in large technical teams focused on stitching together management software, which decreases their ability to deliver new products or a better experience for customers. 

Tanzu Platform offers simplicity and greater efficiencies

The Tanzu Platform accelerates app delivery by streamlining software development and lifecycle management. It helps app and platform teams develop, operate, and optimize applications at scale, and is anchored to a common data foundation that understands the state of applications from build to deploy to operate. 

Because it offers a simple developer experience, the Tanzu Platform requires only a minimal description of the expected environment. From this it automatically generates the necessary configuration for application deployment, rather than requiring developers to do the heavy lifting. In short, the Tanzu Platform is designed to simplify the decision-making process, accelerating app delivery.

It is also anchored to Spring, the world’s most popular Java development framework. With 50% year over year growth for the last five consecutive years, Spring is one of the fastest growing development frameworks, and Java continues to be ubiquitous in enterprise app development across industries. The Tanzu Platform is optimized for Spring applications with built-in patterns and operator modules that enable Spring developers to accelerate their Spring journey.

A multi-cloud platform that provides choice

Tanzu provides platform engineers with the ability to manage these applications anywhere—on public or private cloud, on VM-based app containers with Cloud Foundry (Tanzu Application Service), or on any Kubernetes (Tanzu Application Platform). The Tanzu Platform offers operators the best of both worlds: A simplified deployment path, for which the platform provides opinionated code-to-deployment pipelines, as well as a path that offers simple yet comprehensive customizability that allows you to easily slot in your preferred tools and components while taking advantage of pre-configured options to enhance and supplement any aspect of your CI/CD pipeline. The platform abstracts away the underlying infrastructure so teams can manage and continuously optimize cost, performance, and security without business disruption.

While Tanzu works across all clouds, we continue to invest in enhancements and integrations that make Tanzu the best app platform for modern apps on VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). The Tanzu Platform is a perfect complement to private cloud because it provides abstraction layers above the infrastructure runtime to offer developers a simple experience with access to integrated data services and insights. At the same time, operations teams benefit from the use of tooling and automation that makes at-scale management efficient and more cost-effective.

A holistic approach to software

To build today’s high performance apps, businesses need a platform that integrates into the entire ecosystem in order to harness the power of data—not only to store, manage, access and analyze millions of data to be utilized by the applications, but also to garner actionable insights, inform business decisions, and improve the customer experience. Delivering business-critical apps also requires a team culture and practices that are customer-centric and agile—ready to respond to changes in the marketplace. Because  team practices, data services and intelligence are critical to app development, Tanzu offers capabilities and consulting services for a comprehensive, holistic approach to software delivery:

The Tanzu Platform
The Tanzu Platform cuts through the complexity of modern app delivery while taking full advantage of its surrounding ecosystem. With the Tanzu Platform, developers gain a simple, elevated experience that allows them to focus on coding. It also offers teams full-stack visibility and efficient lifecycle management across public and private clouds, on VM-based app containers with Cloud Foundry (Tanzu Application Service) or with any conformant Kubernetes (Tanzu Application Platform). While the Tanzu Platform is multi-cloud and polyglot, it is uniquely tied to VMware Cloud Foundation and optimized to harness the power of Spring development framework.

VMware Tanzu Data Services
Modern applications need data, and Tanzu Data Services is a suite of data services to store, process, and query critical data resources, including VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ, VMware Tanzu for Postgres, and VMware Tanzu for MySQL. Tanzu Data Services also provides advanced analytical data warehouse capabilities with VMware Tanzu Greenplum and real-time transactions and processing at massive scale with VMware Tanzu GemFire, an in-memory data grid with vector database capabilities for AI use cases.

VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services
Tanzu Intelligence Services, comprised of VMware Tanzu CloudHealth, VMware Tanzu Observability, and VMware Tanzu Guardrails, helps organizations gain deep and actionable insights into applications. With these capabilities, teams can continuously improve and proactively govern the cost, performance, and security of apps and clouds by policy, in near real time, to adjust to the changing needs of the business. VMware Tanzu Application Catalog also allows platform teams to curate a catalog of pre-packaged oss app components, which are continuously maintained and tested for use in production.

VMware Tanzu Labs
Adopting a modern platform and accelerating app development and delivery often requires both new technology and new ways of working. Working side-by-side with customers, experts from Tanzu Labs (formerly Pivotal Labs) provide hands-on cloud native consulting services. Tanzu Labs transfers technical expertise and best practices while helping you deliver software to production, whether building a new product, modernizing existing applications, or implementing a new platform while strengthening platform engineering skills.

Driving software agility now and in the future

Through the investment and resources of Broadcom, the Tanzu team will deliver more holistic and integrated solutions for customers. Tanzu solutions and expertise bring the ability to build and deploy apps in days and weeks, not months or years. We remain focused and energized in our efforts to offer a simplified portfolio that is designed to remove friction and risk from the process of building software. VMware Tanzu offerings empower businesses, and their application development teams and platform teams to develop, operate, and optimize valuable software— quickly, seamlessly, and across diverse environments.

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