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VMware Wins Five Global Infosec Awards at RSA Conference 2023

During RSA Conference 2023, VMware was recognized as a Cybersecurity Innovator by Cyber Defense Magazine in its 11th Annual Global InfoSec Awards. VMware was named a winner in multiple categories, including:

  • “Best Solution Threat Intelligence” for VMware Contexa
  • “Best Solution Firewall” for VMware NSX Distributed Firewall
  • “Market Leader Application Security” for VMware Carbon Black Container
  • “Publisher’s Choice Endpoint Security” for VMware Carbon Black Cloud
  • “Most Comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)” for VMware SASE

“VMware embodies three major features we judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats today, providing a cost-effective solution, and innovating in unexpected ways that can help mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

Here’s a deeper look at the award-winning VMware security solutions recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine this year at RSA.

Best Solution Threat Intelligence: VMware Contexa

VMware Contexa, the VMware Threat Intelligence Cloud, is a full-fidelity threat intelligence cloud that’s built into VMware’s security products. It improves security on networks and endpoints within workloads and modern applications built on containers. Contexa powers VMware Security to stop threats by discovering vulnerabilities, detecting threats, and quashing lateral movement. With access to the full breadth of network and endpoint technologies, the intelligence cloud is able to observe and evaluate every process running on an endpoint and every packet crossing the network. It’s then able to share its analysis with other security analysts and systems, allowing for the quickest, up-to-date decisions to be made constantly.

Best Solution Firewall: VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

VMware’s NSX Distributed Firewall is a software-defined Layer 7 firewall purpose-built to secure multi-cloud traffic across workloads. Unlike traditional firewalls that require network redesign and traffic hair-pinning, the NSX Distributed Firewall distributes advanced security services (IDS/IPS, sandboxing, and NTA/NDR) to each host, which radically simplifies the security architecture. It uses a software-based approach to deliver security that’s built into the hypervisor for each workload. With complete visibility into applications and flows, NSX Distributed Firewall delivers superior security with policy automation that’s linked to the workload lifecycle. This allows security teams to easily segment the network, micro-segment application workloads, stop the lateral movement of attacks, and automate policy in a vastly simpler operational model. Data center operators can now achieve levels of agility, security and economics that were previously unreachable.

Market Leader Application Security: VMware Carbon Black Container

VMware Carbon Black Container enables continuous visibility, security, and compliance for the full lifecycle of containers and Kubernetes applications from development to production. Cross-functional teams can detect and fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations early in the development lifecycle, meet compliance standards, and achieve simple, secure multi-cloud and hybrid cloud Kubernetes environments at scale.

Publisher’s Choice Endpoint Security: VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Most of today’s cyberattacks feature advanced tactics such as lateral movement and island hopping that target legitimate tools to inflict damage. VMware Carbon Black Cloud features cloud-native endpoint security that thwarts attacks by analyzing billions of system events to understand what is normal in a customer’s environment, prevent attackers from abusing legitimate tools, and automate investigation workflow so that customers can respond efficiently. It consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities (NGAV, EDR, IR, threat hunting, etc.) using one agent and console as a shared source of truth so that infrastructure and security teams can operate faster and more effectively. By leveraging the cloud, VMware Carbon Black makes cybersecurity easier for defenders (and harder for attackers) by introducing things like auto-scaling, continuous deployment, and cascading software patch rollouts.

Most Comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): VMware SASE

VMware SD-WAN™ and VMware SASE™ bring cloud-delivered networking, security, and AIOps together with compute to support secure, ubiquitous access to Cloud and SaaS for branch and remote workers as well modern applications at the edge. The solution features a single management interface that also leverages artificial intelligence to simplify operations.

Cloud-native by design, VMware SD-WAN and SASE leverage a global network of over 200 PoPs deployed by VMware and its partners that provide unparalleled self-healing access to major cloud and SaaS providers. The solution is available as a managed service backed by 285+ service providers worldwide or using a self-managed model.

VMware at RSA Conference 2023

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