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VMware Customers Take the Cloud-Smart Approach to Digital Transformation

To meet continually changing demands, businesses are increasingly embracing cloud-smart approaches to digital transformation. VMware customers are ahead of the curve, adopting multi-cloud strategies that yield scalability, flexibility, and improved collaboration, turning challenge into opportunity.


A renowned global retailer, Carrefour modernized its business model and streamlined operations. The company equipped its massive workforce of 300,000 employees with a unified digital device that consolidates numerous functions. By replacing multiple in-store tools with a single device for information sourcing, inventory management, and customer service, Carrefour realized considerable cost savings and boosted operational efficiency. The new digital solution simplifies the work of employees, allowing them to be more responsive to customer needs, delivering a positive shopping experience. The company’s belief in the correlation between employee and customer satisfaction underpins this digital initiative, ensuring high customer satisfaction rates.


Suncorp, a financial services company, operates predominantly in Australia and New Zealand, delivering banking and insurance services. To enhance their services, Suncorp has been exploring the potential of large language models and geospatial data. Recent advancements include the launch of AI-enabled personalization tools with a focus on achieving scalability and cost-effectiveness. The company's cloud strategy is strongly connected with their employment of AI technologies. In a strategic move, Suncorp enlisted VMware to migrate its systems from on-premises facilities to the cloud. Suncorp recognizes the significance of adopting a multi-cloud approach to bolster agility and expedite data delivery to customers and stakeholders.

Orange France

On track to reduce its direct emissions 30 percent by 2025, Orange France aspires to achieve net-zero carbon status by 2040. The company has replaced 17 energy-inefficient data centers with three environmentally friendly ones, new facilities that require no air conditioning 10 months of the year. In partnership with VMware Professional Services, Orange France developed a private cloud that considerably cuts down on server requirements and energy consumption. This innovative move has yielded substantial energy savings and the reclamation of around 1,800 VMs per year. The company’s steadfast commitment to both technological innovation and environmental stewardship is transforming its digital workspace while steering the company towards sustainable operations.

NEC Corporation

Long a leading force in the tech industry, NEC Corporation successfully conducted an accelerated migration from an on-premises private cloud—a sprawling digital estate comprising 300 systems and 400 virtual machines—to a streamlined environment built on VMware Cloud on AWS. The transition not only maintained the existing architecture—preserving DNS and IP addresses without interruption—minimizing user impact and slashing migration costs by a whopping 91 percent. The company saw a 19 percent drop in operational expenses compared to its prior on-premises infrastructure. These learnings will not only shape how NEC Corporation accomplishes future cloud migrations but will serve as a guide for customers facing similar migration challenges. These remarkable achievements demonstrate that strategic planning, bold decision-making, and a focus on innovation ensure a successful migration to the cloud.