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VMware Remains Focused on Innovation & Investment Across Its Security Business

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  • We continue to innovate and expand our security portfolio to meet customer needs
  • Structured for success with leadership and investment

As I travel around the globe meeting customers, partners, and influencers, security is top of mind everywhere and that’s no surprise as it is a critically important topic. How do enterprises protect themselves amid a growing attack surface and constantly evolving threats?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or silver bullet. Getting security right requires technologies spanning from software development to IT infrastructure to security operations and out to the cloud. VMware is positioned well to deliver this broad portfolio of technologies and help customers on this journey.

One example where we continue to make strides in helping customers to navigate the security landscape is with our VMware Carbon Black offerings. We have accomplished a lot over the past few years since we integrated Carbon Black into our company portfolio. For example, we recently took a novel approach to XDR that combines our network and endpoint expertise with our capabilities to better secure container-based applications and VMware workloads in multi-cloud environments.

Today, VMware Carbon Black protects millions of endpoints, making it an essential element of our security portfolio. VMware Carbon Black also underpins the VMware Ransomware Protection and Recovery solution, spanning endpoint protection and detection and response in hybrid workspaces and within multi-cloud environments. It is the easiest and most scalable endpoint security platform to deploy with vSphere workloads and modern applications.

We continue to invest in the VMware Carbon Black business, in our technology offerings and in how we work with our customers and partners. We are evolving our approach constantly, making it easier to do business with us through policy and program updates and improved customer and partner engagement. We’re committed to helping our customers navigate the threat environment as we build awareness for our unique perspective in this ever-changing world.

Along with long time security leaders Jason Rolleston, Scott Lundgren, Caroline Japic, and the entire Security team, I am excited about how we’re improving our efforts in endpoint management to help customers succeed in this complex, multi-cloud era. VMware as a whole, and the VMware Carbon Black team specifically, is committed to working tirelessly to make the world safer from cyberattacks. For more information about our offerings, check out https://www.vmware.com/security.html.