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Broadcom and SEW-EURODRIVE to Power the Future of Software-Defined Manufacturing

In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, companies face an array of challenges, including scalability, dependency on proprietary hardware, and a shortage of skilled workers.

To help the industry meet these challenges, VMware, recently acquired by Broadcom Inc., is joining SEW-EURODRIVE, a leader in drive automation solutions, in its efforts to lead the shift toward a new era of software-defined manufacturing with SEW-EURODRIVE’s DriveOperations concept. This comprehensive suite of tools is designed to enable companies to enhance their operational capabilities, reduce costs, and manage complex tasks more effectively.

Leveraging the VMware Edge Compute Stack (ECS) platform, DriveOperations features real-time edge computing and advanced edge security with a rapid deployment control plane. These capabilities allow for the rapid and zero touch deployment of software applications on a wide range of certified hardware, breaking the dependence on proprietary systems, enhancing operational flexibility, and enabling digital transformation and experience at the edge.

VMware Edge Compute Stack will enable SEW-EURODRIVE to automate its DriveOperations platform and scale its functionalities—without traditional hardware dependencies. Additionally, VMware Edge Compute Stack removes complexity with an edge-optimized runtime and orchestration platform so companies can focus on their business goals. It expertly runs operational workloads, including real-time applications, and its simplified operations address both complexity and cost.

“We’re at an inflection point in manufacturing. By disaggregating hardware and software and deploying software-defined architectures, manufacturers not only have the ability to improve efficiency, security and salability but fundamentally transform the productivity of their environments,” said Saadat Malik, VP and General Manager, Edge Computing, Software-Defined Edge Division, Broadcom. “We are excited that SEW-EURODRIVE has chosen VMware Edge Compute Stack (ECS) to help its customers realize the transformational benefits of a software defined manufacturing edge. We are looking forward to partnering with our mutual customers as they embark on a journey to create sustainable differentiation for their businesses.”

Interested in learning more? Come visit the Software-Defined Edge team at SEW-EURODRIVE’s booth at the Smart Production Solutions Italia event from May 28-30, 2024. SEW-EURODRIVE’s DriveOperations platform is a collaborative effort among Broadcom, Software Defined Automation Inc., FLECS Technologies GmbH, and Clevertech S.P.A.