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VMware @ Oktane 2021

Pat Lee

VMware and Okta share a common passion: making employees’ work-from-anywhere experience as seamless as possible. At the same time, we want to help IT teams secure applications, data and resources.

Recognizing a shared vision and complementary technology offerings, our strategic partnership delivers advanced identity and conditional access capabilities powered by device trust. By integrating VMware Workspace ONE and Okta Identity Cloud, we provide customers with:

  • Choice and increased flexibility;
  • Enhanced, password-less user experiences; and
  • Consistent management and security across the organization.

We first announced our partnership three years ago, and I’m happy to report our collaboration continues to flourish. In fact, in February, Okta recognized VMware as its Technology Partner of the Year. Our focus on dynamic work and employee experiences, coupled with product innovations, enables mutual customers to support a distributed workforce seamlessly and more securely.

Watch the video: Enabling a Zero Trust Framework with VMware Workspace ONE and the Okta Identity Cloud.

New Integration: Factor-Based Device Trust

Our teams continue to explore opportunities to bring complementary capabilities together to ease customer’s adoption of a Zero Trust security model. As an example, announced earlier this year, customers can now use Factor-Based Device Trust to enable more secure access from any device OS and enrollment type.

Dive deeper in this blog post: Introducing Factor-Based Device Trust with VMware and Okta.

In 2018, VMware and Okta made it possible to share device trust signals between Workspace ONE Access and the Okta Identity Cloud. This initial integration allowed IT teams to validate if a device was trusted when the Okta application sign-on policy engaged. While a step in the right direction to help enable zero trust, there were a few limitations, most notably:

  • Lack of support for enforcing device trust on Windows 10 and macOS on the Okta Application Sign-On Policy.
  • Inability to leverage a device compliance authentication method in Workspace ONE Access.

Now, with Factor-Based Device Trust, VMware and Okta close these gaps. Factor-Based Device Trust is another example of the advanced identity capabilities required by our customers who want device trust across all operating systems: Win10, macOS, Android and iOS.

Connect with Us at Oktane 2021

At Oktane 2021 on April 7 at 11:30 a.m. PT, our breakout session features:

  • Greg Armanini (@gregarms), director of product management, VMware
  • Steven D’Sa (@steveIDM), solutions engineer, VMware
  • Rusty Burchfield (@rbsec_), head of security, DoorDash

In this session, they’ll dive into how VMware and Okta integrations enable organizations to deliver an experience hub with simplified remote employee onboarding, self-service and employee workflows. In addition to hearing about how other organizations take advantage of workspaces, they will share deployment tips.

It’s never been more important for organizations to securely deliver the apps and resources employees need as they work outside of the traditional office. VMware and Okta’s collaboration brings our industry-leading solutions closer together, ultimately helping our joint customers empower their anywhere workforces