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Hundreds Named “Principal Partners” in VMware’s New Partner Connect Program | VMware

VMware today launched VMware Partner Connect, the new, dramatically simplified and flexible program designed to enable partners to do business with VMware in a way that aligns with their business models.

Hundreds of partners have been designated Principal Partners at today’s launch. These partners can help customers identify and implement ideal VMware solutions, as evidenced by achievement of Master Services Competencies across different strategic IT priorities. These Principal Partners also earn comprehensive rewards, including deployment and consumption incentives and prioritization for collaborative business planning and co-selling opportunities with VMware.

“Partner Connect encourages us to focus on our strategic priorities by simplifying the engagement model with VMware. We can now focus our time on what’s most important – delivering outcomes for our joint customers. The program unifies the customer journey, meaning we can support throughout the entire IT lifecycle. The investment VMware makes in its partners is deep, going well beyond financial investment to actively help us up-level our capabilities. We’re excited about the potential for further collaboration as we develop new products and services around VMware technology.” —Harry Kassianou, Director of Sales, AC3 (Australia)

“Today, VMware provides a wide range of solutions to help customers drive business transformation. Thanks to Partner Connect, we now have a path to achieve technical mastery certifications that will drive customer success as well as more predictable returns on investment within the partner ecosystem. Beijing Xiatong HongZhi Technology will continue to invest and commit to strengthen our partnership with VMware for 2020 and beyond.”
—Chunyan Zhang, General Manager, Beijing Xiatong HongZhi Technology Co. Ltd. (China)

“Partner Connect allows us to spend more time delivering value to customers and focusing on how we build our business, and less time checking a box in some partner portal. Partner Connect is an innovative force for our company because of the simplicity that VMware has built into the program. It makes it really easy for me to understand what the requirements are, and for us to get to Principal Partner status in the areas that we want to focus on for delivering value to customers.”
—Jenson Isham, Executive Vice President, GCSIT (U.S.)

“We are excited about VMware Partner Connect. It has always been a pleasure to work with VMware and with this new program, our relationship and joint go-to-market strategy will get stronger. We believe VMware has innovated the way we work with them offering us newfound flexibility and simplicity while fostering new co-selling and consumption opportunities. A win–win for all of us.”
— Anuj Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Systems Microclinic Pvt. Ltd. (India)

“Partner Connect will be a driving force for our partnership with VMware. Through this new program, I look forward to growing our potential to co-invest and co-sell with VMware, and thus create more joint business opportunities.”
— Kwon Yong-Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Design Infra Services Co. Ltd. (Korea)

“VMware Partner Connect helps differentiate partners’ strengths by allowing them to focus on what they do best. Now customers have the ability to select the most capable partner of their choice.”
—Calvin Lam, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Masterson Technology Ltd. (Hong Kong)

“It is fantastic that VMware built Partner Connect together with its partners, resulting in a program that allows us meet diverse customer requirements via a single pane of glass view. The streamlined approach gives us complete understanding about where we stand while simultaneously empowering us to focus on end-to-end delivery of our clients’ business goals. We are excited to move in step with VMware as we provide data-driven secure solutions, consulting, and managed services to our clients, and look to future with joint R&D initiatives.”
—John Lombard, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, NTT Ltd.

“In the past, we were under a variety of different programs with VMware. We were a Managed Service Provider. We were a Professional Services partner. We were a Reselling Partner. And we had different agreements for all of those different programs. Now under Partner Connect, we're excited that they all flow into one single program with a single dashboard that can tell us how we're doing across everything.”
—Brian McNeil, Regional Vice president, Technologent (U.S.)

“Being a Principal Partner in Partner Connect has helped us differentiate ourselves from the competition in our market. It has enabled us to be much more focused on the practices we are delivering to our customers and to invest in the competencies that align with our business model, so that we are bringing more value to our customers.”
—Ofir Abekasis, Chief Executive Officer, TeraSky (Israel)

“VMware teaches us every day that abstraction is the secret behind all modern services. First came computer abstraction, then network, storage, cloud, mobile workspace on so on. Now with Partner Connect, we get another layer to abstract our business needs into a single program, helping us to manage our real challenges and focus on what really matters.”
—Juan Pablo Perez, Chief Executive Office, TI724 S.A.S (Colombia)

“VMware’s Partner Connect program promises one contract, one relationship with VMware covering multitudes of opportunity types or reselling models or consumption models. I love that idea. That holistic frame that you can be whatever kind of partner today to VMware that you need to be whilst delivering value to the end customer.”
—Miriam Byrne, Services Director, Triangle Computer Services (Ireland)

“VMware’s new Partner Connect program makes it simple for us. The program gives us the flexibility to pick and choose what we want to offer our end customers and we are rewarded by how we bring value to our customers. Aside from being simple and flexible, it is also innovative.”
— Deepak Jadhav, Director, VDA Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)

“When VMware announced its Partner Connect program, we couldn’t have been more excited. To start with, the program has been designed based on feedback received from the partner community. Second, it has simplified the engagement process with VMware as there is only one agreement, and finally the program rewards us to deliver the solutions that our end customers find value in.”
—Rajesh Mathkar, Founder Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists Pvt. Ltd. (India)

“Zettagrid’s stack is completely VMware. Our investment in our people is all around VMware too, since it's really important for us to have the technical experts that our channel can rely upon. That’s why we’re excited for the Partner Connect performance dashboard. It will help us track and identify any gaps in our training, and give us a pathway to achieving the competencies we require.”
—Nicholas Power, Chief Operating Officer, Zettagrid (Australia)

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