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Active Canopy™ Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) and Incident Response (IR) Partner

Active Canopy uses Carbon Black to rapidly detect and respond to attacks and accelerate remediation efforts for its customers

MONTCLAIR, Va. —April 7, 2015—Active Canopy Inc, a leading information security services firm, today announced it has joined the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as both a managed security services provider partner and as an incident response partner. Bit9® + Carbon Black® is the leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection and response.

As a “Connect” MSSP and IR partner, Active Canopy uses the latest Carbon Black technology to help its customers remediate cyber attacks and breaches. As the Active Canopy team identifies malicious files used to execute an attack, Active Canopy uses Carbon Black as part of our layered approach to pinpoint each endpoint and server on which malware has landed and reveal the entire “kill chain” of the attack. Responders can quickly see where and how the attack started. This enhanced visibility enables Active Canopy to move rapidly to contain attacks and accelerate remediation efforts.

“Delivering affordable advanced cybersecurity and expert analytics is our top priority,” said Active Canopy CEO Brian Christos. “In order to provide such outstanding service, our team utilizes big data coupled with the most comprehensive active detection and response technologies on the market. We are thrilled to be partnering with Bit9 + Carbon Black.”

“This partnership clearly demonstrates Active Canopy’s commitment to delivering their customers the best detection and response capabilities available,” said Tom Barsi, Vice President of Business Development for Bit9 + Carbon Black.

About Active Canopy ™

Active Canopy Inc.’s managed Cybersecurity as a Service (CyaaS)™platform is designed to provide businesses with expert cybersecurity analytic support and active defense against a full spectrum of advanced cyber threats. Cybersecurity threats are evolving in complexity and frequency, leaving companies’ sensitive data and business operations vulnerable to attack and disruption. Active Canopy addresses this security gap with our active cloud-based service, which extends beyond virtual networks into the physical network environment. The Active Canopy CyaaS™ platform delivers cyber-expert analytics and big-data scalability at an affordable reach.