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AirWatch Powers European Organizations to Drive Mobile Innovation

Colegio Mirasur, Edison, Groupe BPCE, Girls' Day School Trust and Universitatsspital Basel Share Mobile Game Changer Stories

MILTON KEYNES, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - April 09, 2015) - AirWatch® by VMware®, the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, launched today Mobile Game Changerstories from five innovative European companies driving business mobility. The Mobile Game Changer series highlights organizations across the globe that are revolutionising their business and industry through mobile initiatives. These European companies are using mobility in innovative ways, ranging from the second largest bank in France protecting confidential data in a multi-OS environment to how the oldest European energy company embraces new technology to enable sales.

Colegio Mirasur redefines the mobile education experience for teachers and students
Colegio Mirasur is a leading education institution located in Madrid, Spain with students ranging from preschool to high school. The institution uses AirWatch to manage 700 student iPads and revolutionizes the learning experience with a variety of AirWatch products. Students get access to dozens of applications through the AirWatch Catalog, share content on AirWatch Content Locker, browse safely with the AirWatch Browser and engage with instructors through AirWatch Teacher Tools.

"AirWatch has reinvented the way to manage and deploy mobile devices, allowing us to gain much more efficiency in our processes, saving us over 90 percent of the time spent by the IT staff," said Gonzalo Romero, innovation manager, Colegio Mirasur. "That time can now be used by the administrators to facilitate and support the teachers on site and help them develop other tech skills."

Edison embraces innovation with a mobile sales fleet
Edison, the oldest European company in the energy sector, worked with a major technological and advisory company and internal analysts to determine its mobility strategy. Edison utilises AirWatch for device and application management, deploying public applications such as travel management systems to their sales fleet.

"AirWatch provided Edison with a system to easily configure policies, profiles and devices from a central console," said Francesco Rutigliano, chief information officer, Edison. "What makes us so confident in the future is knowing we have a partner with a unique focus on the world of mobility. AirWatch can implement the latest technology updates in a very short timeframe. We are particularly pleased with the efficiency of the professional services offered by AirWatch and we are planning to study the different variations in the use of AirWatch Content Locker."

Groupe BPCE invests in mobility and ensures security
As the 2nd largest banking group in France, Groupe BPCE needed a dedicated, secure solution with access to critical banking applications across a diverse OS fleet. With AirWatch on-premises solutions, including the AirWatch Catalog and AirWatch Secure Email Gateway, Groupe BPCE securely manages devices and applications for thousands of employees.

"AirWatch best meets the needs of the four IT entities of the Groupe BPCE in terms of safety, installation and configuration," said Hervé Le Loët, head of fixed and mobile telephony and multimedia, Groupe BPCE. "AirWatch offers the same services regardless of the technology used, and innovates at the same pace as operating systems change. For us, AirWatch is an insurance policy that allows us to be con­fident that our data will remain secure."

Girls' Day School Trust encourages creativity through mobile learning
Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) is the UK's leading network of independent girls' schools. Mobility is enhancing the classroom experience for GDST's 20,000 pupils by encouraging interactive learning, independence and creativity. With AirWatch, the 26 schools in the GDST network can implement the mobile strategy that works best for their programmes, including share devices, one-to-one iPads or BYOD, and GDST can manage how much students are using the devices and enable safety measures. Students are encouraged to research, work together and suggest new learning apps to teachers for classroom-wide use.

"We want the girls to be leaders in technology and to be leaders in the field," said Richard Martin, head of ICT, GDST. "We can only do that by enabling them to have the best technology available and to be great at what they do."

Universitätsspital Basel powers doctors and patients with mobility
As one of the largest medical centres in Switzerland, Universitätsspital Basel is known for leading internationally recognised standards in medicine. The University Hospital's aim is to record all patient data electronically to improve communication between doctors and their patients; increase collaboration between medical specialists, help provide better patient services and, consequently, reduce the risk of mistakes due to missing information. The hospital deploys the AirWatch Catalog to securely deliver the right apps to the right departments. With more than a thousand devices in use today for doctors and patients alike, Universitätsspital Basel plans to triple the number of AirWatch-managed mobile devices in the next two years.

"Through the wonderful possibilities AirWatch provides, documents that need to be protected remain within the hospital and within Switzerland," said Axel Ernst, business analyst, Universitätsspital Basel. "In addition, through AirWatch by VMware we have found a wonderful solution that acts as a backup system for our mobile devices. AirWatch allows doctors to get instant access to a hospital computer anywhere at any time." Improved communication, increased collaboration and better patient services have reduced work time for doctors, as well as increased the willingness to work from home, according to the hospital.

"The AirWatch Mobile Game Changer series give us the opportunity to showcase how our most innovative customers are revolutionising business through mobile technologies," said Ian Evans, vice president and managing director, EMEA, AirWatch by VMware. "These customers highlight AirWatch security, flexibility, ease of use and end user experience as key components to their programmes. With AirWatch, our customers are able to devote time to mobile strategy and development rather than deployment to further transform business mobility throughout Europe."

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