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AppConfig Community Announces Android Best Practices

Standard Android for Work Configurations Based on AppConfig Community Best Practices Are Available Today for Developers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) - Today, the AppConfig Community announced standard configurations for developing enterprise-ready Android applications. The AppConfig Community's mission is to establish a common approach for enterprise app configuration and security based on OS native standards. Working with Google, the AppConfig Community provides developers with a common standard for Android apps, simplifying enterprise app development and configuration for any enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider. The Android AppConfig Community best practices are available to all developers at no cost.

Android, the world's most popular mobile operating system, gives developers flexibility and freedom to develop enterprise apps that operate on smartphones and tablets across the globe. Android for Work provides organizations with a secure, flexible, and unified Android mobility platform combining devices, applications, management, and support. Now Android developers can implement AppConfig Community cross platform standards and best practices to enterprise apps.

The AppConfig Community best practices provide standard configurations for several common enterprise use cases, including:

  • App Configuration: Leveraging native Android for Work APIs, developers can auto-configure URLs, ports, email addresses and more to simplify the app setup process for end users and alleviate help desk and documentation burden caused by manual setup.
  • App Tunnel: Using per-app VPN, developers can seamlessly give users access to web services behind a corporate firewall.
  • Single Sign On: AppConfig Community specifies the best practice for an app developer to leverage open authentication standards and configurations using an EMM solution to facilitate a seamless single sign on experience.
  • Security Policies: Developers can use security policies that work across EMM vendors, including passcodes, document sharing, app backup, disable screen capture, remote app wiping and disable copy-paste.

To get a headstart with Android development on AppConfig best practices and other business capabilities, register for the Android for Work DevHub. DevHub provides access to betas and events, assistance from Google experts, and connections with other enterprise developers.

To learn more about the AppConfig Community and to view the Android developer best practices, visit

Supporting Quotes
"A standard app development process that works across EMM solutions is critical to the thousands of enterprises and users that rely on Dropbox Business every day," said Billy Blau, Head of Technology Partnerships at Dropbox. "As one of the earliest proponents of the AppConfig Community, we're glad there's also a defined set of Android best practices. Standard configurations will help our customers simply and securely deploy Dropbox Business across mobile operating systems without the need for additional code and SDKs. This means businesses spend less time developing and more time keeping teams productive and data safe."

"Android for Work gives developers a rich set of tools to create innovative business apps that balance enterprise security and a user's privacy," said Nick McQuire, vice president, Enterprise Research, CCS Insight. "Android for Work standards based on AppConfig Community best practices give developers the tools to create and maintain just a single version of their Android app for all EMM solutions, promoting business and user adoption of these apps."

About AppConfig Community
The AppConfig Community's mission is to provide education and best practices to configure and secure mobile apps by leveraging native OS functionality in iOS, Android, and Windows. Using AppConfig Community best practices, application providers can consistently and securely develop enterprise-ready mobile apps. For more information, please visit

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