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Cloud Foundry Partner Quotes

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VMware Delivers Cloud Foundry, The Industry’s First Open PaaS


“Developing cloud applications demands open platforms and flexible deployment along with scalable and flexible data infrastructure. We believe Cloud Foundry strongly embraces these principles and will improve both the developer experience and the transition process into production for cloud applications. We are seeing explosive growth in cloud adoption of MongoDB and we are excited to see key industry players such as VMware expand the options for cloud application development.”

—Roger Bodamer, executive vice president, products and technology, 10gen

“We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with an early beta of It delivered us a high-level cloud-hosted application runtime that supported our entire stack and freed us to spend all of our time on developing content instead of performing system administration. It feels great to be among the first tenants of as we launch”

—Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, founders,


“Joyent is looking forward to working with VMware on Cloud Foundry, the open Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, and contributing to the community around the platform. By incorporating Joyent's node.js runtime in Cloud Foundry, VMware is helping broaden the availability of the increasingly popular node.js framework. We're looking forward to offering Cloud Foundry on the Joyent Public Cloud as well as offering Cloud Foundry as a deployment option within our SmartDatacenter product.”

—Jason A. Hoffman, founder and chief scientist, Joyent

Pivotal Labs

“Our clients, who include some of the largest and most innovative enterprises in the world, are seeing significant improvements in developer productivity by adopting agile development, Ruby on Rails and the cloud. Cloud Foundry promises to accelerate adoption by making it much easier for enterprises to consume and use this new generation of high productivity developer technology and methodologies. Now, the choice of public or private cloud can be made at deployment time, based on business and cost factors, rather than solely on technical ones.”

—Ian McFarland, principal and vice president of technology, Pivotal Labs


“Running Cloud Foundry on RightScale combines easy onboarding of applications with the power of flexible, customizable cloud deployment and management. With Cloud Foundry's Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, VMware is developing an ideal environment for developers by streamlining the getting-started experience and delivering that in an open cloud platform. Our technology collaboration makes it easier to run applications in the cloud while providing transparency and control with multi-cloud portability.”

—Michael Crandell, chief executive officer, RightScale