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Partner Support for VMware ESX Server 3i

Partner Comments on VMware ESX Server 3i

“AMD works closely with VMware to make virtualization a common part of the x86 platform, and we are excited to see VMware moving virtualization adoption forward. As AMD continues to focus on the virtualization aspects of CPU architecture, we look forward to the increased proliferation of this virtualization paradigm, and to VMware’s continued leadership in this area.”

—Margaret Lewis, director, commercial solutions and software strategy, AMD

“We’re pleased to see VMware take the next step with their VMware ESX Server technology with a thin, easy-to-integrate hypervisor solution.  We believe VMware ESX Server 3i has a great deal of potential for Egenera customers who place a premium on seamless, simple and powerful data center virtualization solutions.”

—Pete Manca, CTO and executive vice president of engineering, Egenera.

 “The VMware ESX Server 3i architecture is a solid step forward toward reducing labor-intensive IT.  Customers leveraging Rackable Systems’ virtualized servers based on VMware technologies will be able to reduce capital and operations expenses while benefiting from our industry-leading density, power efficiency and serviceability advantages.”

— Mark J. Barrenechea, president and CEO, Rackable Systems

“With the VMware ESX Server 3i architecture, VMware provides a forward-looking solution that makes it easier for clients to benefit from reduced installation, support and maintenance requirements as they implement a virtualized environment. The VMware ESX Server 3i architecture can give Unisys clients a solid start on the path to enterprise-wide virtualization.”

— Alan Bender, vice president, real-time infrastructure solutions, systems and technology, Unisys