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General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions Uses Carbon Black to Help Customers Rapidly Detect and Respond to Active Data Breaches

WALTHAM, Mass.—October 7, 2014—General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions announced it is using Carbon Black as a key component of its incident response solution to help customers rapidly detect and remediate data breaches. Bit9® + Carbon Black® is the leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection, and response.

An original partner in the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program that launched in February 2014, General Dynamics Fidelis has expanded the partnership to bring its customers the benefits of Carbon Black’s industry-leading endpoint threat detection and response solution. Now General Dynamics Fidelis’ Network Defense and Forensics (NDF) team, an elite team of incident response and forensic experts, can use Carbon Black to supplement the network visibility, analysis and control provided by Fidelis XPS, its flagship network security solution. This allows the NDF team to pinpoint each endpoint and server on which malware has landed and reveal the entire “kill chain” of the attack, so they can quickly identify where and how the attack originated.

“Continuous monitoring and comprehensive network visibility are crucial to the success of incident response efforts,” said Peter George, president of General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions. “In addition to the information continuous monitoring provides, it helps drive speed, which can be a critical factor during incident response. Our expanded participation in the ‘Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect’ Alliance better equips our team to help customers quickly detect, contain and remediate active breaches.”

Supplementing the network information provided by Fidelis XPS, Carbon Black provides enhanced visibility into endpoints and enables General Dynamics Fidelis to rapidly identify and contain cyber attacks and accelerate remediation efforts. The powerful combination of network and endpoint visibility provides a more complete picture of the severity of the breach, helping security analysts to decrease the time between detection and remediation.

“The incident response landscape is rapidly shifting,” said Tom Barsi, vice president of business development for Bit9 + Carbon Black. “Today, incident response is a continuous process of proactively preparing for a breach by detecting, responding to and remediating threats—as they happen—before major damage is done. This powerful combination of the General Dynamics Fidelis NDF team and Carbon Black’s innovative ability to detect and respond to endpoint threats provides customers with a unique defense against cyber attacks.”

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and expertise to combat today’s sophisticated advanced threats and prevent data breaches. Our commercial enterprise and government customers around the globe can face advanced threats with confidence through use of our Network Defense and Forensics Services, delivered by a team of security professionals with decades of hands-on experience, and our award-winning Fidelis XPS Advanced Threat Defense products, which provide visibility and control over the entire threat life cycle. To learn more about General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions, please visit

Bit9 + Carbon Black offers the most complete solution against the advanced threats that target your organization’s endpoints and servers. This makes it easier for you to see—and immediately stop—those threats. Carbon Black’s lightweight endpoint sensor, which can be rapidly deployed with no configuration to enable detection and response in seconds, combined with Bit9’s industry-leading prevention technology, delivers four key benefits:

  • Continuous, real-time visibility into what’s happening on every computer
  • Real-time threat detection, without relying on signatures
  • Instant response by seeing the full “kill chain” of any attack
  • Prevention that is proactive and customizable

Thousands of organizations worldwide—from 25 Fortune 100 companies to small businesses—use Bit9 + Carbon Black to increase security, reduce operational costs and improve compliance. Leading managed security service providers (MSSP) and incident response (IR) companies have made Bit9 + Carbon Black a core component of their detection and response services. With Bit9 + Carbon Black, you can arm your endpoints against advanced threats.

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