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Microsoft Corporation to use VMware Software for Sales Demonstrations

Microsoft Corporation to use VMware Software for Sales Demonstrations

PALO ALTO, CA, September 10, 2001 -- VMware, Inc. announced today that the Solutions & Technical Sales Group at Microsoft Corporation is deploying VMware software for internal use. VMware Workstation software will be used by Microsoft's worldwide technical sales organization as a tool for demonstrating the latest Microsoft products.

"Virtual computing technology helps us demonstrate our products more easily on the limited hardware available to most field employees," said Chris Cannon, Group Manger in the Technical Sales Demo Team at Microsoft. "This particularly applies to scenarios that would normally require multiple machines or where products cannot easily coexist on the same platform."

Microsoft's Technical Sales Demo Team, responsible for developing software demonstrations for use by Microsoft field staff, has worked with VMware to package Microsoft product demonstrations into VMware virtual machines. Microsoft staff can now simply copy a VMware virtual disk file to a PC or laptop and be ready to run entire operating systems and applications within minutes. Even complex demonstrations requiring multiple separate computers networked together can now be done using a single laptop computer.

"We have been working closely with Microsoft for the past year on this project, and it is great to see our software being used in such creative ways." said Diane Greene, co-founder, president and CEO of VMware. "Our customers will also benefit from our work with Microsoft and our focus on Microsoft Windows products. For example, our new Workstation 3.0 product that went into public beta last week fully supports Windows XP and includes an enhanced user interface and other new features available on Windows platforms."

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Built to meet the demands of the enterprise, VMware Workstation software enables technical professionals to develop, test and deploy applications on multiple operating systems, rapidly and cost-effectively. VMware Workstation logically partitions physical computers into two or more virtual machines for unprecedented flexibility and manageability of computing resources, resulting in faster time to deployment, better performance, and lower costs.

VMware, Inc. virtualizes computing, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services. The VMware virtualization layer turns your physical computers into a pool of logical computing resources. The resources can then be dynamically allocated to any operating system or application at your choice of granularity. As a result, our customers can use our software to consolidate servers and manage server capacity, rapidly provision, streamline application deployment, guarantee service levels and speed development and testing. VMware was founded in 1998 and we have more than 750,000 registered users internationally. We're based in Palo Alto, California and we're on the Web at

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