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VMware Software Utilized by Microsoft for Worldwide Training on Small Business Server 2000

VMware Software Utilized by Microsoft for Worldwide Training on Small Business Server 2000

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 26, 2002 -- VMware, Inc. today announced that Microsoft Corporation is using VMware virtualization software to power upcoming worldwide medium and small business seminars conducted in conjunction with Microsoft Training Partners and Certified Training and Education Centers (CTECs). This extends the current use of VMware products within Microsoft, which are already used for distributing software demonstrations to Microsoft sales staff and partners.

The seminars, which start this month, will provide small to medium-sized business customers with the latest information on Microsoft solutions. Entire seminars including presentation material and demonstrations software have been packaged in VMware virtual machines.

"VMware software helps us deploy pre-packaged seminar kits on virtual machines to our training partners and minimize their setup time and hassles involved in configuring complex multi-system demonstrations," said Victoria Grady, product manager from Microsoft’s Windows Server Product Management Group. "With a worldwide rollout, we have to know what we are deploying will work reliably and require least amount of setup work by our partners."


VMware virtual machines allow multiple complete operating systems and application environment to run concurrently, and with full isolation, on a single physical computer. This enables complex multiple machine demonstrations to be performed on one physical computer, reducing the hardware required and setup time for the CTEC partners delivering the seminars.


The VMware software provides the ability to package and test the seminar content and demonstrations once and be assured that this will run on any computer. There is no need to reconfigure computers, install operating systems, service packs or application software. The seminar content and demonstrations come pre-built and tested in a virtual machine. Since the environment within a virtual machine is independent of the actual physical hardware, there are no issues with hardware or device driver compatibility.

Reliable, Again and Again

VMware products also provide a disk rollback capability, allowing the seminar and demonstration systems to be quickly recovered to a previous clean state. This improves reliability of demonstrations since each demonstration starts with a clean system, reducing the time required to set up or recover at the end of a seminar session.

Expanding VMware Product Use at Microsoft

The Enterprise Technical Sales Group at Microsoft Corporation already deploys DVD-ROM packs of demonstration software packaged in VMware virtual machines. These are used by Microsoft staff for demonstrating integrated Microsoft solutions to customers. Microsoft also ships demonstrations packaged in VMware virtual machines to thousands of its partners.

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