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VMware Physical-to-Virtual Assistant Provides Key to Virtual Infrastructure for 400+ Customers

VMware Physical-to-Virtual Assistant Provides Key to Virtual Infrastructure for 400+ Customers

Enterprise-class Migration Tool Transforms Physical Systems into Virtual Machines

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 23, 2004 — VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today announced that more than 400 customers, including Army-Air Force Exchange Services, Bobstgroup, Calor Gas, Giant Eagle, Guardian Life, HNI Corporation, HSBC, MassMutual, McKesson, Moen, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Novartis, PACCAR, Praxair, Purdue Pharma, Saks, The Coleman Company and Volvo, have used VMware Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Assistant to perform thousands of successful migrations of physical servers to virtual machines.

"The phenomenal success of VMware P2V Assistant is further evidence that virtual infrastructure is now a mainstream technology, trusted by thousands of enterprises worldwide," said Raghu Raghuram, director of product management at VMware. "Inspired by the proven productivity benefits and rapid ROI of virtual infrastructure, our customers are continually seeking ways to accelerate deployment. VMware P2V Assistant allows them to quickly and easily create new virtual machines, extend the life of critical applications and replace older hardware with state-of-the-art systems."

"VMware P2V Assistant has made the migration of physical servers to virtual machines a breeze," said Sean O'Donohue, information and communications technology manager at Calor Gas. "Twenty servers have been set up in a virtual environment in a fraction of the time it would take to do the equivalent task in a physical environment. With such compelling time-savings, it makes perfect sense for Calor Gas to make virtual infrastructure part of our long-term strategy."

"VMware P2V Assistant enabled us to quickly and easily migrate our systems from physical machines to virtual machines," said Rob Buchwald, technical lead for Moen's Systems Assurance Team. "It provided a smooth migration."

VMware P2V Assistant is an enterprise-class migration tool that transforms an existing physical system into a VMware virtual machine. Virtual machines created by the P2V Assistant run on VMware ESX Server, VMware GSX Server and VMware Workstation.

VMware P2V Assistant enables:

  • Fast and clean migrations of existing applications to VMware virtual machines. By eliminating the need to re-install software and configure complex application environments, VMware P2V Assistant cuts down on set-up time and delivers value on investments in VMware software in the shortest timeframe possible. Enterprises can quickly migrate legacy systems to a consolidated VMware virtual machine environment and upgrade these servers to new hardware.
  • Efficient QA and debugging. VMware P2V Assistant can capture images of production systems into VMware virtual machines and redeploy these images in a consolidated sandbox environment. Enterprises can minimize disruptions to production servers by troubleshooting problems and testing changes in this exact replica of the production environment.
  • Disaster recovery and backup. With VMware P2V Assistant, users can periodically capture production systems into a library of offline virtual machines that can be activated in the event of a disaster to minimize service disruption.
  • Standardizing on virtual infrastructure. VMware P2V Assistant simplifies migration to VMware virtual infrastructure, the foundation of the next generation computing in the enterprise. With minimal downtime, IT administrators can migrate all their heterogeneous physical servers and existing virtual machines to the best-in-class VMware platforms to take advantage of flexibility, cost advantages and streamlined management that virtual infrastructure brings.

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