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VMware Ready™: Supporting Partner Quotes

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VMware Expands VMware Ready™ Program to Networking and Security Partners

Ed Chapman, vice president, Business Development, Arista Networks 

“Arista and VMware have a long standing partnership developing networking solutions for a cloud enabled datacenter. As a leading developer of VMware aware networking solutions, we recognize the need for a formal program that certifies Arista solutions with VMware and VMware’s introduction of the VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program delivers on this requirement. Arista looks forward to participating in this program and enable our mutual goal of providing networking professionals tested and certified solutions for VMware's vCloud® platform."

Robert Krauss, director, Strategic Alliances, Bitdefender

“We are excited VMware has created a program for their partners and end-users where they can now identify solutions that are tested and certified within the ecosystem. The VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program will enable customers to rapidly and efficiently locate security products for their environments, and it provides the essential quality assurance customers need to protect their investments.” 

Ulrich Plechschmidt, vice president, Sales Enablement and Solution Marketing, Brocade

“Brocade’s partnership with VMware has enabled exciting new networking technologies for our mutual customers to deploy cloud-optimized data centers. With the VMware Ready™ Program, our customers have additional confirmation that our joint solutions will help them leverage their current infrastructure while giving them the freedom to make the best decisions for their network.”

Shaun Walsh, senior vice president, Marketing and Corporate Development, Emulex

“Expanding the VMware Ready™ Program to include networking and security solutions broadens the ecosystem of jointly supported hardware solutions running with the VMware platform. This is important as customers evolve their data center environments to keep pace with the burgeoning growth of data, where integrated, compatible and certified solutions make it that much easier to deploy, manage and streamline their IT investments.”

Chris Deardurff, senior vice president, Sales, Americas at F5 Networks

“The VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program will make it much easier for customers to find the right solutions to support their IT investments in cloud and virtualization. Specifically, organizations are able to better orchestrate Application Delivery Networking functions, automate services, and efficiently support software defined data centers.  F5 will be a charter member in the VMware Ready for Networking and Security program and we look forward to extending the tight integration efforts between F5 and VMware.”

Tim Riley, vice president, Business Development, Infoblox

“As a member of the VMware Ready™ Virtual Appliance Program since 2007, Infoblox has been witness to VMware’s consistent effort to deliver a highly interoperable virtualization solution with partners. The VMware Ready Program for Networking and Security will provide another great opportunity for our customers to gain access to tested and validated joint solutions from VMware and Infoblox, maximizing their investment in cloud and virtualization platforms through network automation.”

Brad Brooks, vice president, Business Strategy and Marketing, Juniper Networks

“Juniper Networks looks forward to participating in the VMware Ready™ Program for Networking and Security. Support of certification efforts aligns with our core values of interoperability, customer choice, and a superior end-user experience.”

Peter Beardmore, senior director, Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab

“VMware has been a tremendous partner for us in recent years, providing the access and expertise we needed to produce outstanding agent-less protection for virtual endpoints.  Since Kaspersky Lab was founded, cultivating partnerships with other best-of-breed technology vendors has been part of our DNA as an organization.  We know that our success is tied to working hand-in-hand with other vendors to create solutions that offer clear advantages over competitive offerings, and that’s what we’ve achieved with Kaspersky Security for Virtualization.  We’re excited for the opportunity VMware’s new certification program offers, and we’re looking forward to continuing our work together.”

Rishi Bhargava, senior director of Product Management, McAfee

“Enterprises are challenged with maintaining consistent security policies spanning endpoint and network in a hybrid environment including physical, virtual and private cloud environments without an integrated security management framework.    McAfee is excited to be part of an approach that overcomes this challenge through the VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program.  With this program, McAfee will be able to provide customers the assurance level that they need for their business critical systems with benefit of leveraging their existing toolsets.”

Avi Chesla, CTO, Radware

“The VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program reflects a market trend toward next generation datacenters. It provides a vehicle for Radware and VMware to provide tested and validated integrations of both physical and virtual network and security appliances, transforming the datacenter into a true service centric network. The ‘democratization’ that VMware’s standard APIs presents allows customers to take full advantage of best of breed L4-L7 application vendors that offer both physical and virtual network and application security, load balancing, and application acceleration services.  VMware’s initiative will lead to better utilization of L4-L7 resources in the network creating a cloud-enabled datacenter to meet the customer’s true business application needs.”

Venugopal Pai, vice president, Global Alliances, Riverbed

"Consolidating data centers and migrating to the cloud have been and will continue to be dominant IT trends for the enterprise. As organizations make these moves, they are looking to build architectures with performance, security, and compliance in mind. Riverbed looks forward to participating in the VMware Ready™ Program for Networking and Security partners, to help IT successfully build secure, compliant cloud architectures for their most critical business applications while optimizing performance throughout the enterprise."

Tom Corn, Chief Strategy Officer, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

“We look forward to joining the new VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program. Through our technical collaboration, joint customers will benefit from enhancing their security.  By integrating RSA Data Loss Prevention, RSA NetWitness and RSA Archer with a range of VMware’s products including VMware vShield™, Horizon View® and VMware vCenter™ customers will gain better visibility at the virtual layer to better enable smart security policy decisions. Our collaboration with VMware will help organizations more easily increase layers of protection that both reduces complexity and increases confidence for making better business and IT decisions.”

Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO, Sophos

“Sophos has a long history in developing innovative security solutions, and we applaud VMware's efforts in building their security partner ecosystem. Like VMware, we believe that the cloud will transform the modern organization, and recognize that customers seeking to adopt cloud-based solutions also want a secure and trusted experience.  Programs like VMware Ready™, which integrate with the wider VMware environment, help customers select solutions that meet quality criteria.  We look forward to working with VMware to extend our existing range of VMware Ready products under the new VMware Ready for Networking and Security Program.”

Matt McCormick, vice president of business development, Sourcefire

"Sourcefire understands the security challenges organizations face when implementing virtualization, and we are continually providing the Information Superiority needed to protect against the latest threats to these environments. As a leader in Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems, we're pleased to participate in the VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security Program, so that we can further ensure our virtual appliances are certified for use with VMware's vCloud® platform and help our customers achieve compliant architectures for their most critical business applications."

Anil Chakravarthy, senior vice president, Enterprise Security Group, Symantec

“The expansion of the VMware Ready™ Program to include networking and security solutions will enable our customers to leverage their existing security investments to safely pursue virtualization and cloud initiatives. By continuing to develop solutions which integrate into the VMware vCloud® platform, Symantec helps solve the data center security challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Partha Panda, vice president, business development and alliances, Trend Micro

“As one of the leaders in virtualized endpoint security and the first to deliver agentless AV, Trend Micro has long realized the importance of working closely with VMware for the integration of our products on VMware platforms.  We have been an early and longtime partner with VMware, as evidenced by our early collaboration on VMware’s initial security APIs, and are continuing to evolve and mature our relationship into the VMware Ready™ Program. We are excited for all the further benefits VMware Ready will provide.  Now, customers can quickly and easily select the best security solutions that have been verified with product certifications.”

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