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Industry Support for VMware Product Announcements

Industry Support for VMware Product Announcements

VMware vCloud™ Director

"VMware vCloud™ Director is a huge leap forward for the industry. The open architecture and VMware vCloud API made it easy for us to integrate and offer cloud revenue automation for anyone building cloud services on this next-generation cloud computing infrastructure."
—Mike Morini, CEO, Aria Systems

“VMware vCloud™ Director brings a new level of interoperability between public and private cloud environments, encouraging further adoption of cloud computing.  Using VMware vCloud Director we created the BlueLock CloudConnector, a VMware vSphere™ Client plug-in which allows VMware customers to view and manage their public and private clouds from the same control panel they use today.  An enhanced level of management in addition to the ability to move workloads from a company’s private cloud to the public cloud gives our customers the flexibility and agility they require as their IT needs change over time.”
—Pat O’Day, CTO, BlueLock

“BMC Software supports the implementation and expansion of the VMware vCloud™ APIs in both public and private cloud environments in order to increase choice and mobility of workloads. With BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, we provide cloud management that ensures our customers can leverage the best-of-breed options available in the market.”
—Kia Behnia, CTO, BMC

CA Technologies
“CA Technologies has partnered with VMware for several years to help provision, control, assure, secure and optimize customers’ virtual, physical and hybrid environments, with the goal of helping increase customer ROI and optimize business outcomes through integrated management of IT services. As we leverage the VMware vCloud™ and VMware vSphere™ APIs, CA Virtual and CA Automation solutions will help optimize VMware vCloud Director by integrating enterprise-wide service management to drive agility and efficiency, and accelerate the business returns of the dynamic datacenter to realize the promise of cloud.”
—Roger Pilc, general manager, Virtualization and Automation customer solutions unit, CA Technologies

“The VMware vCloud™ APIs are essential components in supporting Catbird’s mission to bring elastic security to the cloud. By extending security policy and enforcement beyond the virtualized datacenter into hybrid and public infrastructure, Catbird and VMware customers can be assured of complete protection no matter where their assets exist.”
—Edmundo Costa, CEO, Catbird

“The momentum around the cloud is building and the built-in scalability, security, and virtualization capabilities found in the network is key to the dynamic delivery of applications across the enterprise. The intelligence in Cisco datacenter and networking solutions in concert with VMware vCloud™ Director provide a unified infrastructure for our customers.”
—Lew Tucker, vice president and CTO for Cloud Computing, Cisco

Colt Managed Services
“The new Colt Enterprise Cloud – a VMware vCloud™ Datacenter Service – incorporates VMware vCloud Director to allow companies to move virtual machine workloads from their private cloud to a secure compliant enterprise cloud as needed. Colt is adapting this technology for markets across Europe as part of our cloud service offerings, designed for enterprise IT needs and country-specific data protection requirements.”
—Mark Leonard, CIO, Colt Managed Services

“VMware vCloud™ Director enables the concept of IT-as-a-Service by supporting an infrastructure delivery model that mirrors the simplicity, flexibility and self-service approach of public cloud services, but with the security and control our enterprise requires. VMware vCloud Director will support CSC's self-service environment and infrastructure service catalog, and allows our users to easily access on-demand capacity, which frees up IT resources. With the additional efficiencies of the virtual datacenter construct, we will be able to more effectively support the business.”
—Siki Giunta, vice president, Cloud Computing and Hosting Services, CSC

“The support of VMware vCloud™ Director is a natural fit into Dell’s strategy of offering customer choice at every layer of the stack. When combined with Dell’s leading PowerEdge server line, which includes redundant hypervisors and embedded systems management, the support for VMware’s latest technologies helps Dell drive virtualization efficiencies for our customers and enables them to capture greater returns on their investments.”
—Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager, Dell Server Platforms

"EMC has been working closely with VMware across many solutions that are both complementary and integrated with VMware vCloud™ Director, including EMC Atmos and EMC Ionix Unified Management 2.0.  For service providers delivering compute and storage infrastructure services, VMware vCloud Director and Atmos together provide complementary solutions that accelerate time-to-market and provide on-demand access to resources, all through a secure, open set of REST-based APIs.  Cloud computing also needs dynamic, virtual and fluid physical infrastructures that integrate across the storage, network and server layers.  EMC Ionix Unified Management 2.0 together with VMware vCloud Director will deliver just that so customers can more easily move to a private cloud model and it will be the only turnkey cloud solution to enable end-to-end service automation from application and virtual machine through network, server and storage on a Vblock Infrastructure Package."
—Chad Sakac, vice president, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation

“VMware vCloud™ Director aligns well with F5’s approach to cloud computing, with the ultimate goal of enabling customers to leverage their existing datacenter resources while capitalizing on the agility and efficiency of the cloud. F5 has been working closely with VMware and VMware vCloud Director to develop a cloud bursting solution that is fully integrated with F5’s application delivery network for seamless application capacity expansion. This gives enterprises the assurance of application availability even under unpredictable traffic loads.”
—Jim Ritchings, vice president of business development, F5

"Fujitsu welcomes the announcement of VMware vCloud™ Director. It is one of the excellent solutions for supporting ICT infrastructures which meets the requirements of private cloud computing. When combined with our PRIMERGY industry-standard servers, PRIMEQUEST high-end mission-critical servers and ETERNUS storage systems, VMware vCloud Director will deliver cost reductions as well as enable prompt and agile service offerings."
—Yoichi Hori, president, Platform Software Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited

“Clients implementing cloud computing need rapid deployment and scalability to meet business demands. Combining VMware vCloud™ Director with HP’s BladeSystem Matrix and HP Cloud Maps provides a comprehensive cloud infrastructure solution to clients so they can optimize their physical and virtual environments.”
—Paul Miller, vice president, Solutions and Strategic Alliances, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP

“VMware continues to make major advancements in enabling enterprises to adopt cloud computing.  Despite all of the benefits of cloud computing, security and compliance remain one of the top concerns hindering organizations from moving to the cloud.  HyTrust is focused on addressing these concerns and accelerating cloud adoption by allowing enterprises to maintain and extend its policies as well as having the audit log visibility to achieve compliance.”
—Eric Chiu, president and CEO, HyTrust

“VMware vCloud™ Director is a game-changer – the key to making cloud computing a reality for the enterprise. It has transformed our interaction with the business, streamlining our processes to increase our responsiveness and support a truly user-friendly experience. Any IT organization that is looking to adopt a more service-based approach should look at VMware vCloud™ Director, especially with the advanced diagnostic technology it provides. We are very excited to work with VMware on its cloud infrastructure portfolio.
—Guy Churchward, CEO, LogLogic

“We have a long history of supplying a wide variety of global customers with integrated solutions and clouds that combine NEC's servers, storage, software and VMware virtualization technology. While VMware virtualization technology continues to provide IT infrastructure with a broad range of benefits, VMware vCloud™ Director is expected to inspire valuable change in the landscape of IT system management and utilization. NEC is confident that VMware vCloud Director marks a historical new development in the age of computing.”
—Harumi Ikeda, vice president and executive general manager, IT Software Operations Unit, NEC Corporation

“Many IT organizations are embracing public and private cloud computing models that offer a variety of flexible, on-demand services for the enterprise. Together, NetApp and VMware deliver the underlying shared infrastructure necessary for flexible IT, helping ease customers’ transition to a cloud computing model while addressing business requirements with greater agility and cost savings.”
—Manish Goel, executive vice president of Product Operations at NetApp

“VMware Cloud™ Director is an important new offering for the rapidly expanding cloud market, providing both enterprises and service providers with essential capabilities for building secure multi-tenant hybrid clouds. newScale is pleased to be one of the first vendors to offer support for VMware Cloud Director, extending the product’s strong functionality with newScale’s consumer-like e-commerce IT storefront and policy-based governance.  VMware is continuing to innovate with its virtualization and cloud technologies, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”
—Scott Hammond, CEO, newScale, Inc.

“VMware vCloud Director™ brings a new level of interoperability between private IT and public cloud environments, encouraging further adoption of cloud computing. This latest technology from VMware has the potential to extend the capabilities of our Savvis Symphony VPDC cloud services, providing more interoperability with enterprise customers preferring hybrid cloud solutions for their IT needs.”
—Bryan Doerr, CTO, Savvis

Siemens IT Solutions
“We have developed a state-of-the-art cloud offering with compelling benefits for our customers. It is the first step on our way to offer our customers a full-range virtual Data Center.”
—Ralf Eichler, Vice President Delivery Portfolio Management in Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Trend Micro
“Trend Micro applauds VMware for helping to address issues such as zoning and resource separation in the cloud. Enterprise customers and vendors adopting the cloud are increasingly sensitive to the need for cloud security, and Trend Micro™ Deep Security and Trend Micro™ SecureCloud™ offerings in concert with VMware vCloud™ Director can provide necessary layers of security.”
—Steve Quane, chief product officer, Trend Micro

VCE Coalition
"Today, infrastructure managers are turning to integrated technologies to lower IT cost and complexity. Our Vblock customers appreciate the ease, speed to deployment and predictability that this integrated model brings. VMware vCloud™ Director exemplifies the value in consolidation by effectively managing all elements of virtualization within Vblocks so businesses can focus on strategic business initiatives."
—Phil Harris, Vice President, VCE Engineering

“Growing midmarket companies and smart ISVs and service providers want simple, swift and affordable pathways to the efficiencies of the cloud, but they also don’t want to end up underpowered without a clear upgrade option.  We’re focused on providing this segment not only all of the control and service visibility they require, but a level of support that goes well beyond directing them toward self-service tools.  To that end, VMware vCloud™ Director will help support our technology and strategy goals.”
—Tom Kiblin, CEO of Virtacore

 “Vordel applauds VMware on the launch of VMware vCloud™ Director. Enterprises require the flexibility to extend their infrastructure across on-premise and cloud-based virtual datacenters. VMware vCloud Director delivers on this goal and Vordel looks forward to working with our mutual customers to make their cloud computing environments enterprise ready.”
—Mark O’Neill, CTO at Vordel said

“VMware vCloud™ Director is a revolutionary approach to deploying IT-as-a-Service with consumption-based and pay-as-you-go cost models. With Zuora's Z-Commerce for the Cloud - VMware Edition, VMware and Zuora make it possible for service providers to deploy and monetize with the requisite usage-based billing and subscription management capabilities."
—Zuora President Shawn Price

VMware vCloud™ Datacenter Services

“We’re proud of our relationship with VMware and excited to be adding the new VMware vCloud™ Datacenter service to our portfolio of cloud services. We share a vision for enabling hybrid cloud environments by offering solutions that allow VMware customers to easily migrate workloads between their internal IT environment and our public cloud, with common management and the security needed for enterprise applications.”
—Pat O’Day, CTO, BlueLock

Colt Managed Services
“Companies have made significant investments in their VMware virtualization and the next logical progression is to deploy and scale these virtualized environments into cloud services with a trusted managed service provider. It was imperative that the European element of the offering was delivered by a provider able to offer the full service package. Colt’s Information Delivery Platform does this by integrating IT managed services, networking and communication services.”
—Richard Oosterom, Managing Director, Colt Managed Services

“We are looking forward to extending our suite of virtualized and cloud computing services with solutions based on the new VMware vCloud™ Datacenter service. As we continue to work closely with VMware, we are focused on removing barriers to adopting cloud computing by offering services that are compatible between public and private environments, delivering the agility, portability and security to meet aggressive business demands for operational efficiency and compliance.”
—Randy Rowland, senior vice president of product development, Terremark

, said, “Verizon is highly committed to helping large-business and government clients harness the transformative power of cloud computing so they can be more agile.  With this latest addition to our cloud computing portfolio, our enterprise clients can now trial the unmatched flexibility of our new hybrid cloud solution, which builds on our relationship with VMware to deliver a new, innovative service while leading the industry to an ‘everything-as-a-service’ model.”
—Kerry Bailey, senior vice president for enterprise strategy, Verizon Business

VMware vShield™

“Cisco and VMware are committed to helping customers easily protect their applications in the datacenter from network-based threats as well as delivering a level of protection for virtual machines that exceeds the physical server deployments.  To support this commitment, Cisco and VMware are collaborating to develop an integrated solution that leverages VMware vShield™ Manager as a point of integration between VMware vSphere™, VMware vCloud™ Director and Cisco network services and devices.”
—Ed Bugnion, vice president and CTO, Server Access and Virtualization Technology Group, Cisco

"As the demand for secure virtualization and cloud computing environments increases, McAfee and VMware will work together where the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform can extend, enrich and enforce threat protection, compliance and policy intelligence."
—Dave Scholtz, senior vice president of global alliances at McAfee

“The VMware vShield™ family of products will bring positive transformation to how security is implemented and operated for VMware-virtualized environments. By offering intuitive, built-in security controls to virtualization administrators, VMware has made it possible for security to be integral to how virtual infrastructure is operated, resulting in better security.  RSA and VMware are collaborating to further advance this value by integrating VMware-virtualized environments into enterprise security infrastructure.  We’ve worked together on interoperability between the RSA® enVision SIEM platform and VMware vShield so that security events from the virtual infrastructure can be collected, analyzed and reported centrally along with security events from physical IT infrastructure. These events further inform security dashboards with the RSA® Archer eGRC platform.”
—Tom Corn, Chief Strategy Officer, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

“Securing the virtual infrastructure remains a serious concern for enterprises today. Symantec is working closely with VMware to deliver best-of-breed security solutions, optimized for virtual environments, for hardening servers, securing endpoints and enforcing security policies. Symantec is committed to helping customers realize the benefits of Secure Private Clouds more quickly, more easily and with greater confidence.”
—Art Gilliland, vice president of product management, Symantec

Trend Micro
“VMware vShield™ Endpoint is a dramatic leap forward for enterprises that want to ensure the security of their virtualized computing environments, while maximizing operational efficiency, system performance and cost savings. Our new agentless anti-malware solution, which leverages VMware vShield Endpoint and is tightly integrated with other VMware technologies and products, has received strong positive feedback from customers. VMware vShield Endpoint further demonstrates VMware’s commitment to delivering better-than-physical security and maximizing customer value.”
—Steve Quane, chief product officer, Trend Micro

VMware View 4.5™

“With VMware View™ 4.5, VMware has enabled a truly robust virtual desktop experience. AMD has a long history of collaboration with VMware in virtualization and cloud computing. We are excited to see the culmination of VMware View 4.5, a next-generation managed desktop virtualization solution ideally suited to take advantage of systems powered by the AMD Opteron™ 6000 and 4000 Series platforms to enable a secure, flexible user experience.”
—Margaret Lewis, director, Software Solutions Marketing, AMD

"In support of VMware View™ 4.5 and the PCoIP display protocol, Cisco offers integrated unified fabric switching and unified computing solutions that provide an ideal infrastructure for virtual desktop environments by delivering higher virtual machine density and performance and improved security.”
—Soni Jiandani, vice president of marketing, Server Access and Virtualization Technology Group, Cisco

“As a core component of the Dell Virtual Remote Desktop (VRD) solution, the latest release of VMware View™ 4.5 furthers customers’ ability to standardize, simplify and automate desktop IT. Our unique partnership provides customers with complete virtualization solutions from the datacenter to the desktop via a managed service or private cloud customer-hosted implementation.”
—Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager, Commercial Client Product Group, Dell

“The two things VMware View™ 4.5 is focused on achieving is providing a better user experience and lowering the cost of desktop virtualization.  EMC is extending the value of VMware View through technology features such as FAST Cache and compression that control costs and enhance performance and the integration of EMC’s deduplication software and security products to provide a more recoverable and more secure environment.  To help remove the risk of deploying a virtual desktop strategy EMC has developed a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings and has jointly developed reference architectures and whitepapers that bring the total cost of storage to $38 per client.”
—Chad Sakac, vice president, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation

"With the newest version of VMware View™ 4.5, F5 offers support for the PCoIP display protocol through the BIG-IP Edge Gateway to enable secure access, single-sign-on and high performance, providing joint customers with a robust security and scalability offering. The collaboration between VMware and F5 improves the end user experience over the WAN, maximizes the value gained from desktop virtualization initiatives, reduces costs and improves flexibility."
—Erik Giesa, vice president of product management and marketing, F5

"Fujitsu welcomes the release of VMware View™ 4.5. Leveraging the strong relationship with VMware, we have been providing virtualization solutions to our customers on our PRIMERGY industry-standard servers. With improved customer benefits in PC client management, including cost reductions, security improvements, and Windows 7 support as desktop virtualization OS, we have the ability to provide a complete and effective managed infrastructure in conjunction with our PRIMERGY server line, ETERNUS storage systems, Systemwalker Desktop series and PCs."
—Yoichi Hori, president, Platform Software Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited

“Clients need a more reliable, secure and manageable client infrastructure to achieve lower, more predictable costs and desktop virtualization delivers this. HP’s thin client solutions and reference architectures provide a simple way to adopt desktop virtualization based on VMware View™ 4.5.”
—Paul Miller, vice president, Solutions and Strategic Alliances, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP

"VMware View™ 4.5 is great news for technology users, particularly in the healthcare industry where there is a heavy reliance on roaming sessions and shared workstations.  Imprivata OneSign's architecture is ideally-suited for tight integration with VMware View, taking full advantage of its features.  The result is a comprehensive solution for simplifying and securing access to patient data, enabling true one-touch, location-aware 'follow-me' clinical desktops."  —Geoff Hogan, senior vice president, Business Development and Product Management, Imprivata, Inc.

“Samsung is excited about the launch of VMware View™ 4.5. End users will greatly benefit from both the new features of VMware View 4.5 and our all-in-one monitor solutions.  Samsung’s integrated thin client monitors provide excellent performance and value for desktop virtualization customers.”
 —JinHwan Kim, vice president, Visual Display Division, Samsung

“Teradici continues to work closely with VMware to enable full interoperability of the PCoIP display protocol in both hardware and software implementations to enhance and extend the capabilities of the VMware virtual desktop platform in VMware View™ 4.5. Our close collaboration with VMware has enabled broad adoption of desktop virtualization by providing an optimal desktop experience for a wide range of users.”
—Dan Cordingley, president and CEO, Teradici Corporation

"We are pleased to continue our successful partnership with VMware,” said. With VMware View™ 4.5 and Location Based Printing, VMware has made an important step forward in simplifying and optimizing printer driver administration."
—Charlotte Künzell, board of directors member, ThinPrint

VCE Coalition
“To lower IT cost and complexity, CIOs and IT managers are turning to integrated infrastructures.  Our Vblock customers appreciate the ability to scale virtual desktop deployments in a pre-configured, predictable manner that removes the guesswork out of architecting virtual desktop environments. VMware View™ 4.5, which improves end user productivity by reducing desktop downtime, brings another layer of value to Vblock customers.” —Todd Pavone, senior vice president, VCE Solutions

“The ability to manage thousands of end users via a single solution is one of the key benefits of desktop virtualization, and the combination of VMware View™ with Wyse cloud client computing solutions enables our customers to save significant costs and energy savings, all without sacrificing end user performance. The complexity of managing countless PCs through time-consuming and expensive means is soon to become a thing of the past.”
—Curt Schwebke, chief technology officer, Wyse Technology