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VMware vSphere 4™: A Quantum Leap Forward in IT Service Delivery

VMware vSphere 4™: A Quantum Leap Forward in IT Service Delivery

Keeping operating expenses in check and maximizing choice at Alstom

  • Global leader in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport
  • 76,000 employees in more than 70 countries

“As one of the largest global manufacturing companies, it is important for us to keep operational costs low.  We have standardized on VMware Infrastructure and its comprehensive application management toolset to improve flexibility and maximize operational efficiency. These efficiency gains improve even more with VMware vSphere 4 thanks to features like VMware Host Profiles and VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch. These features will allow us to deploy new hosts more quickly, achieve standardization, and more efficiently manage our virtualized environment to reduce our operational overhead.”
Daniel Liyew, Director, Data Centre Service Line

Extending IT management and automation to increase efficiency at Campbell Clinic

  • World leader in sports medicine
  • Four locations in the southeastern U.S.

Campbell Clinic has migrated its production applications to VMware vSphere 4, including most of its business-critical healthcare applications that provide access to patient medical records and surgery-center practice management systems. Campbell Clinic is also leveraging vSphere’s Data Recovery capability to provide quick, simple and cost-effective backup and recovery.

“The high-availability features in VMware Infrastructure 3 already provide baseline protection against hardware failures.  For smaller businesses like us, with finite IT resources, simplicity becomes a critical requirement, which is something VMware understands. With the new VMware Fault Tolerance (FT) in VMware vSphere 4, we can provide zero downtime, with continuous protection against hardware failures. Unlike clustering software, VMware FT did not require application-level customization and my staff was able to configure it with a couple of mouse clicks.”

“If our applications go down, our doctors will not be able to access the information they need to treat patients,” said Lauer.  “Our business would effectively shut down. We have enabled VMware Fault Tolerance for these virtual machines, which gives us the peace of mind that our critical workloads will not experience any service interruption if the hardware fails.”
Justin Lauer, IT Manager
Campbell Clinic

Improving the efficiency of its business at FICO

  • Leading provider of analytics and decision management technology to the world’s top banks and credit card issuers
  • Requires flexibility and standards to stretch the limits of its IT resources
  • VMware vSphere helps deliver a unified platform that enables the world’s top financial services institutions to make effective and confident decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle

“VMware vSphere 4 is at the core of our IT strategy because it gives us the cost savings and scalability benefits of cloud computing, with the choice to deploy any application or OS without getting locked into any particular architecture.”
Christopher Rence, Chief Information Officer

Upgrading to VMware vSphere 4 for greater application scalability at Melbourne IT

  • Australia’s largest Web and application hosting provider
  • One of the Internet’s largest domain name registrars

“The new virtual machine size limits and the performance enhancements in VMware vSphere 4 will help us meet the performance needs of our larger corporate customers while new scalability features such as Hot Add and Hot Plug will enable us to scale up our applications to meet business requirements without any downtime.  This will allow us to grow and deliver the necessary resources to even our most resource-intensive applications, extending the benefits of VMware vSphere 4 to our entire datacenter.”
Glenn Gore, Chief Technology Officer
Melbourne IT

What else are customers doing with VMware vSphere 4?

Moving toward 100% virtualization at the Defense Contract Management Agency

  • Has upgraded 130 application instances from VMware Infrastructure 3 to VMware vSphere 4
  • Virtualized Oracle 11g, Microsoft Exchange and dozens of other essential applications
  • In the processes of upgrading 19 sites around the country to VMware vSphere 4

Bringing greater control to IT service delivery at Harley Davidson

  • Implemented VMware Storage VMotion to minimize downtime due to storage maintenance by migrating disk files across networked storage in real time
  • Improved application scalability
  • Gave IT organization the flexibility to move application data between heterogeneous data stores