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How Are Defenders Fighting Back Against Emerging Cyberattacks?

'The Howlers' discuss VMware's 2022 Global Incident Response Threat Report and the state of cybersecurity.

Pandemic inducing burnout. Deepfakes. Geopolitical and ransomware attacks. This past year security teams from around the globe have faced enormous headwinds.

Earlier this summer, VMware released its Global Incident Response Threat Report. One key finding relates to lateral security. According to the report, lateral movement was detected in 25% of all attacks. "It's one of the key battlegrounds in which we are trying to further ourselves from a defensive posture," says Chad Skipper, global security technologist at VMware.

In episode two of our "Ask The Howlers" podcast, host Karen Worstell talks with fellow Howlers Chad and Rick McElroy, to discuss the state of cybersecurity and how defenders are fighting back against emerging attacks.