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Haim Inger, a CTO Who Shows Israeli Companies How It’s Done

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Haim Inger stands outside his office building

Today’s businesses operate in a world where traditional, rigid structures are being replaced by fluid, rapidly changing models. Individuals who inspire new ways of thinking will power the businesses that succeed as they embrace this new dynamic environment.

Smart CIOs are stepping up to the challenge. They are the catalysts for change, harnessing the transformative power of technology to change the way a business operates. VMware’s Agents of Change initiative shines a spotlight on these important contributors.

Each year since joining the company, Haim Inger, CTO of Clal Insurance, has welcomed dozens of business and IT leaders from across Israel into his office. His visitors are eager to examine first hand the technological change the leading Israeli insurance and pension company has gone through.  

Hear from Inger in the video below, then read on to learn more about how he helped transform Clal Insurance by embracing new technologies.


Ahead of the Curve

“Over the years, we’ve become known among large organizations in Israel as being able to identify leading technologies and their benefits, and for implementing them in a successful manner,” explains Inger. “It’s a great compliment that people want to learn from our experiences, so we accept guests with open arms.”  

Inger started at Clal Insurance in 2008. At that time, none of its infrastructure was virtualized, and the company’s agility was suffering as a consequence. In just a few years, and despite the organization’s complex structure, Inger moved the company from zero to almost 100 percent server virtualization across mission-critical applications.  

This transformational project set the tone of Inger’s leadership and was rapidly succeeded by many other pioneering initiatives. These range from the early adoption of a private cloud to being the first Israeli company to adopt a virtual desktop infrastructure. By constantly embracing new technologies, Clal continually improves the service it provides to its insurance agents and customers. All parties benefit from innovative digital tools enabling immediate service, anywhere and anytime.

A CIO or CTO today cannot be conservative.

IT Infrastructure Must Constantly Evolve

“A CIO or CTO today cannot be conservative. When I realise I may be the first to use technology in a certain way, I enjoy it and it motivates me to go faster,” reflects Inger.  “However, people are different, and many are afraid of change. So it’s important that you surround yourself with very smart people who are willing to do things differently.”  

“In order to use technology for competitive advantage, an organisation’s IT infrastructure should be constantly evolving and go through significant change each year. If it is static, you are not in a winning situation, and the business will not fulfill its potential,” concludes Inger.