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The Struggle for Talent: One Surprising Influence You’re Overlooking

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January and February are the best times of year to look for a job, according to job search advice website Career Sidekick. It’s also “the best time to look for jobs all year in most industries.” That’s because new budgets are set, the holidays are over and there’s more focus on reducing hiring backlogs, explains an executive recruiter.

It’s a tight talent market.* Is your company putting its best foot forward to attract the best talent?

Employee Experience Deeply Influences Recruiting Success

Employee experience is a combination of employee technology, work-style and culture. It influences and is influenced by digital employee experience. What does that mean for your business’ recruiting efforts? Simply this: Will your new employees get what they need to do their best work?

It’s a question that becomes even more important for potential employees who are:

  • Looking to become part of the remote workforce.
  • Taking on a location-independent position, such as a technician, traveling nurse or field sales representative.

Regardless of location, having the right apps available anytime, anywhere and on any device boosts employees’ ability to effectively plan, collaborate and execute. It also influences a candidate’s decision between you and the competition, according to a recent survey.

3 Reasons to Provide an Exceptional Digital Employee Experience

1. Leading companies prioritize digital employee experience.

A good digital employee experience gives organizations a competitive edge. According to a recent survey, 76 percent of respondents in “leader” organizations say their workers find and install the right app for any new task/process. It’s only about half of employees at “follower” organizations.

Companies were categorized as Leaders/Pioneers; Middle of the Pack, or Followers based on respondents’ answers within and across questions related to industry competitiveness, annual revenue growth, staff planning levels, and attitudes toward their organization.

2. Better digital experiences are linked to faster revenue growth.

Eighty percent of employees who can easily find and install the right work apps are at companies with high or hyper-growth (15 percent or more revenue growth). Compare this to only 42 percent at under performing or not growing companies (-1 percent +/- 0 percent revenue growth).

3. A great digital experience boosts employee sentiment.

Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs famously said, “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”

According to the survey, promoter companies are those with the most digital experience factors. These companies provide a good digital employee experience. Here’s what else happens.

Respondents who say “My organization lets me easily work from anywhere” are also likely to agree…

  • I am proud of my organization.
  • My organization has a progressive culture.
  • My organization is recognized as a top place to work.
  • My organization provides a good work-life balance.

Organizations that give their employees the information and digital tools they need for work will be best positioned for success.

Educate Yourself About Digital Employee Experience

You may never have considered or heard much about digital employee experience. That’s okay if it’s not been top-of-mind for you. But times have changed. Work has, too.

Nearly three in four (73 percent) employees and HR decision makers agree that flexibility of tools (e.g., technology, apps and devices) would influence their decision to apply and/or accept a position at a company.

A robust digital employee experience is not only the key to attracting good candidates. It’s also critical to fast on-boarding and productivity, as well as a key reason why top employee performers choose to stay.

The Value of Digital Employee Experience

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