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VMware Further Empowers Developers with New VMware vSphere 7 Features

Eloy Ontiveros

VMware today released the Virtual Machine Service for VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu to enable customers to better meet the needs of developers building applications for Kubernetes. The feature supports VMware’s promise of Developer-Ready Infrastructure—to help customers modernize their applications and infrastructure while streamlining operations.

Developer Independence, Self-Service, Productivity and Automation

Too often, enterprise app developer productivity is limited or slowed by requiring them to involve their IT admins or file a ticket and wait for access to IT resources to build applications.

To remove this roadblock and help enterprises increase developer productivity and self-service, today’s vSphere 7 Update 2a release adds the Virtual Machine Service to the infrastructure services included in vSphere with Tanzu. This new feature delivers Kubernetes native VM management for developers by enabling them to independently provision vSphere VMs using Kubernetes commands. Additionally, this release enables the self-service creation of Kubernetes namespaces by developers.

Developers who need VMs can avoid time-consuming ticketing processes or help desk wait times with the Virtual Machine Service. More importantly, the feature empowers developers via increased autonomy and productivity through greater self-service and improved automation within the Kubernetes control plane; all while enabling governance, security and policies set by the IT team.

Today’s release builds on the robust Developer-Ready Infrastructure capabilities of vSphere with Tanzu. In March 2021, vSphere with Tanzu added VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Essentials as a built-in load balancer to provide customers with a faster, more scalable and secure application experience. VMware also announced the next step in its collaboration with NVIDIA to deliver an AI-Ready Enterprise platform by combining vSphere with NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite.

Product Availability

The vSphere 7 Update 2a release featuring the Virtual Machine Service is available today.

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