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Enterprises Envision Their AI Future with Multi-Cloud

Jennifer Clemente

Generative AI is creating waves across nearly every industry thanks to its powerful pattern recognition and data-analysis capabilities. Yet businesses hoping to adopt this technology face significant security, data privacy and infrastructure challenges. Traditional data centers often struggle to handle the demanding requirements of advanced AI workloads, raising concerns about capacity and suitability for the modern digital landscape.

It's early days for us. We have to make sure that we do this right. We have to solve these fundamental problems first, like security and data privacy, before we can really see what value we can unlock from using generative AI solutions.

Johan Marais, Senior Platform Services Manager, Discovery Holdings

A multi-cloud strategy offers a solution. Using multiple public and private clouds, organizations can improve scalability, enhance security, and boost data-processing capabilities. Instead of moving all data to the cloud, it's more practical and efficient to bring AI capabilities to where the data resides. This is a multi-cloud challenge that necessitates a multi-cloud solution.

 Instead of taking all of your data to the cloud, you’ve got to get your compute and your AI to where the data is.

Raghu Raghuram, CEO, VMware

VMware’s approach allows businesses to distribute AI workloads across different platforms, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. VMware Private AI offers the dual benefits of insights into customer preferences and automated deployment tasks while adhering to security and regulatory standards. By integrating established cloud solutions with Private AI, you capture the robustness and safety of the former and the innovative capabilities of the latter. 

VMware is leading the way in embracing generative AI with a multi-cloud approach, addressing limitations and enhancing benefits. By improving scalability and security, VMware helps businesses adapt to changing demands while safeguarding sensitive data.

Discover how VMware can assist you in safely and effectively harnessing generative AI to achieve groundbreaking advancements in your multi-cloud environment.