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How Can a Cloud-Smart Approach Make Your Business More Secure?

Cyber attacks and data breaches continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, but there is some good news for businesses. According to the VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage 2022 research report, more than half of the responding organisations in Australia and New Zealand say that a multi-cloud approach has led to increased security of employee and customer data.

However, over half of the businesses surveyed said there’s room for improvement when it comes to securing critical data. Dealing with the multi-cloud landscape can be a complex process, and that’s why an increasing number of businesses are working to become more multi-cloud mature to navigate these challenges.

Revealing the benefits of a mature multi-cloud strategy, the research found that 93 percent of respondents across Asia Pacific and Japan agreed that a multi-cloud approach has enabled their organisations to address the need for different data classifications – a key ingredient to strong data security. Not only that, but another 97 percent flagged that this approach has helped their organisation maximise the use of data and innovate while addressing data sovereignty requirements.

To help shine a light on how becoming cloud smart can improve an organisation’s cyber security, VMware's Vice President & Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Brad Anderson speaks with Sean Kopelke, VMware’s CTO for Australia and New Zealand. Watch below.

You can now also find the complete VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage 2022 report here.