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How Did New Zealand Become a Cloud-Smart Leader?

Multi-cloud technology is increasingly being placed at the centre of strategy for organisations that wish to accelerate the path to innovation, growth, and enhanced security. Organisations that have reached the highest level of multi-cloud maturity claim it has led to greater profitability and data security. We call these businesses, “cloud smart”.

When it comes to being cloud smart, other countries can learn from New Zealand’s example. The VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage 2022 research report illustrates New Zealand as a leader for the Asia Pacific region - with 55 percent of NZ respondents claiming their company has a fully defined multi-cloud strategy, compared to just 32 percent of respondents in Australia and 38 percent across APJ.

According to Angela Cunneen, Country Manager at VMware in New Zealand, this doesn’t come as a surprise since New Zealand businesses have always been at the forefront of technology adoption. The research reveals that over half of New Zealand respondents are from companies whose CEO is or would be a primary decision maker when it comes to a multi-cloud approach, while the regional average is only 31 percent.

Given that 82 percent of respondents from hypergrowth companies across Asia Pacific and Japan say their CEO is extremely engaged in the organisation’s cloud use, this is a strong indication that CEO involvement may have much to do with New Zealand’s multi-cloud leadership status.

To discuss New Zealand’s regional leadership and why this is important for local businesses, Angela Cunneen speaks with Grant van der Westhuizen, Solutions Engineer at VMware New Zealand. Watch below.

You can now also find the complete VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage 2022 report here.