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2022 Customer Achievement Awards: 7 Heroes and Innovators in EMEA

VMware Staff

We’re excited to announce the winners of our 2022 Customer Achievement Awards at VMware Explore Europe. This year, our awards committee selected seven winners across two categories: heroes and innovators.

Heroes are our customers who take clear, vital, strategic actions to improve our ever-evolving, complex world. They embrace new technologies to deliver outcomes for the greater good, often in the face of challenging circumstances. Our heroes include:

  1. Ziraat Bank, Customer Experiences Hero
  2. University Hospital Essen, Hero for Good
  3. Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Weathering the Change Hero

Innovators are our customers who deliver great value and major benefits to their customers and employees. They take advantage of our multi-cloud technologies, our industry expertise and our vast ecosystem. Our innovators include:

  • BMW, Anywhere Workspace Innovator
  • Thales, Security Transformation Innovator
  • ABN AMRO, Cloud Transformation Innovator
  • Clal, Modern Application Innovator

Ziraat Bank, Customer Experiences Hero

Over more than a century, Ziraat Bank developed into one of Turkey’s largest and most innovative banks. Today, the Bank heroically champions better banking experiences for its customers.

From internet and mobile branches to automation and artificial intelligence (AI), Ziraat Bank continuously rolls out new digital banking solutions. To do so, the Bank makes it a priority to work with an advanced technological infrastructure, such as containers and Kubernetes. With VMware Tanzu, their IT organization transforms applications and seizes opportunities to innovate again and again.

University Hospital Essen, Hero for Good

Germany’s University Hospital Essen is known as one of the world’s best “smart hospitals.” These hospitals use the most advanced technologies to improve every facet of healthcare.

UME pioneers the use of AI to rapidly analyze medical data, which doctors depend on for faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatments. With VMware as a partner, UME manages, processes and protects thousands of gigabytes of highly sensitive data with the utmost efficiency.

The kind of digitalized and personalized medicine everyone is calling for today would not be possible without a partner like VMware.

Armin de Greiff, Technical Director, Universitätsmedizin Essen, Central IT Department

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Weathering the Change Hero

The U.K. directed all public sector organizations to consider the cloud first in all technology decisions in 2013. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is the first under the National Health Service (NHS) to fully migrate to the cloud.

The Hospital moved to VMware Cloud on AWS as part of VMware Cloud Universal. It’s now poised to transform patient care with highly available services at lower operating costs.

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is also pioneering a new era of greater efficiency, scalability and well-being for clinicians. Reliable, flexible access to apps and data empower them to deliver outstanding patient care anywhere.

BMW, Anywhere Workspace Innovator

Like most businesses today, the BMW Group needs to be ready to work from anywhere. With VMware, the German leader in luxury vehicles created an “anywhere workspace” for more than 100,000 employees around the world.

BMW uses VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon Cloud to strengthen stability, security, agility and usability with less effort. Employees gain faster access to the devices and platforms they need from anywhere, keeping the business and innovation moving.

Thales, Security Transformation Innovator

Thales provides secure, intelligent, innovative technologies for multiple markets — from space satellites and air defense radars to data encryption platforms. Trust and security are at the heart of the French multinational company’s mission.

Its Defense Cloud runs on VMware Cloud Foundation. Military operations, like NATO, use it to deploy a secure, private cloud infrastructure in command centers and remote locations. With swift access to communications systems and data, teams can make faster decisions and safely perform their duties.

How Software Innovation and Agility Brought Thales to New Heights

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ABN AMRO, Cloud Transformation Innovator

ABN AMRO Bank, out of Amsterdam, bills itself as “a personal bank in the digital age.” For the third-largest Dutch bank, customer experience, sustainability and innovation are among its top priorities.

To accelerate towards these goals, ABN AMRO took on a cloud transformation with VMware Cloud Universal. In the cloud, IT moves faster at lower costs and supports innovative initiatives with operational excellence.

Clal, Modern Application Innovator

Israel’s insurance industry is one of the world’s most competitive and innovative. Clal, one of Israel’s largest insurers, rapidly innovates its apps and services to maintain its strong position in this aggressive market.

With VMware Tanzu Application Service, developers gain more control and speed along the path to develop and deploy modern apps. With self-service and elasticity to scale, Clal remains agile and responsive to adapt and thrive in a container-based world.

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With heroes and innovators like these, the future looks bold and bright. Read about more Customer Achievement Awards heroes and innovators from VMware Explore U.S. For more breaking technology news, follow #VMwareExplore Europe on social media.